Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quick Update

I know you've been asking, "Where are the blog posts???" Let me just say that the time I had before Hugh is not the same that I have now! He loves to snuggle and I can't won't put him down so you have to be patient and enjoy my posts when they do happen.

First off, let me say that Hugh has been sleeping for eight hours at a time at night for the past four nights in a row! He turned two months and suddenly started sleeping eight solid hours. It's been glorious!!! :-)

Our oldest boy... my sweet sweet Gustafer has decided that he wants to pee in the potty. So he does. He's basically potty training himself! He asks to go potty and if we ask him if he needs to go, he usually says yes or no and means it. It's literally shocking to me that he's going potty on the potty. My MIL and FIL just asked about him being potty trained and I said, "He's not ready... we won't even start until this summer when he's at least three." Sure enough, the same day, maybe the following day, he decided to go to the bathroom on the little potty in our bathroom.

Gus has been doing really well with his OT visits. She works with him for an hour and they do a combo of gross-motor (jumping, throwing, kicking, hoping, crashing) and fine-motor (cutting, beading, stacking) activities. She's helping me with transitions and getting Gus to help focus more. I need to ask her about some suggestions for when we're dining out and how to get him to handle being out in a restaurant. We usually give him his iPad to play with to keep him entertained, but I'd love to be able to take him to eat without it. Then again, he is two.

Lastly, I've been asking begging and pestering Steve about a minivan for a while. As soon as we knew about Hugh I started creating my own Toyota Sienna on the Toyota website. Of course, Steve shot down the idea of a minivan every time. But once Hugh came home and the daily routine kicked in... I seriously started the nagging.

Over the last two weeks I've been blocked into my car like five time. By this I mean someone has parked so friggin' close to my car, that I cannot open either the passenger door to get Hugh in, or the driver's side door and passenger door to get Gus in.

I've had to put them into the very back, painfully (and not a pretty sight I may add) squeeze myself into my driver's seat and pull forward enough (or into another spot) so I can get the boys into their seats. The big issue would be the doors. They just don't open wide enough to get the boys in comfortably.

So this happened yesterday at the store. I was LIVID. I had sent Steve a picture of a minivan (as another nagging reminder) and he said, "You're barking up the wrong tree." I was beyond upset. So when he got home, I explained my day and my reasoning for being so upset about my car. He ran some numbers and told me to look for a car.

I found my dream car. It has everything I wanted. Leather seats. DVD player. Radio controls in the steering wheel. Steve called on it this morning, worked out the details of trading in Chuck Dio (my Ford Edge) and we went this afternoon and came home with our newest addition: Lex.

He's named Lex because someone jokingly said to me, "You know Toyota and Lexus are the same thing right? A Toyota Sienna is basically a Lexus minivan." So there he is... Lex.  :-))

Okay-- enough from here. Gotta go to bed!! Nite nite!!


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I love that you name your cars we do too! I currently drive Fe Re (Hyundai Santa Fe) ... can't believe how big your boys are getting! THey are cutie patooties! So glad you are all doing well :)

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