Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hugh's Baptism

Ready for his baptism!

This morning we celebrated Hugh's baptism. 

We were up bright and early to get ready to head to church. We made it just in time to drop Gus off in the nursery and head inside for the 8:45 service.

It was a wonderful ceremony and we were called forward just after the welcome and greeting happened. Everyone seemed really excited to welcome Hugh into the church. It was really awesome.

Off to church!

Sitting with his God Mother, Lesley


I asked the lady in the pew in front of us if she'd be willing to take pictures for me. Thankfully she was willing, and she got some really awesome moments that we otherwise would not have had!!
Pastor Brian and Pastor Sherry

Pouring the water into the baptismal fountain

Being baptized!!

Hugh was so calm... didn't cry at all!


Lesley taking Hugh's candle

After the service was over, we took a few pictures, got Gus, and then took some pictures with Pastor Brian.

It was a wonderful morning!


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