Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vacation Highlights :: Indiana

We left Michigan on August 1st and headed to Indiana. On the way, we stopped in Albion to see Steve's good friends Mitch and Jess. We enjoyed a nice visit with them and then continued our journey to Indiana.

 Gus was eager to get his bed set up

It was still light outside when we arrived, so we changed the boys and we headed to the pool. It was a bit on the chilly side (outside) so the water was also chilly. However, this didn't stop Gus and Hugh from getting into the water with Steve.

 Gus did such a great job of jumping into the water!

Steve's dad and Sue Ann were at a meeting when we got to the farm, so they arrived home just as the boys were ready to get out of the pool. Hugh and Grandpa snuggled for a bit while everyone else visited.

We decided to skip the Preble County Fair and head to the Indiana State Fair instead (mainly because the PCF was almost over and there'd be no animals to see). I wasn't sure how Gus would do with fair rides, and it was $25 wristband day so you can ride all you want for $25 (which is a HUGE deal since most rides take 2-6 tickets and tickets are like $1.25 each).

 Maple Bacon Glazed Donuts (yummmmm)

 Grandpa helping Gus get measured to see what rides he can go on alone

 Getting his wrist band

 Gus wanted to go on the slide, but he needed an adult since he's only 41 inches and you needed to be 42 inches to ride it alone. So Steve had to get a bracelet too so he could ride with Gus.

 They both had their hands up!

 The cows were getting a bath before being shown

 The pig barn was the most fascinating place to be. You could see random pigs just walking around (like the one in the above and below pics). No leash... just randomly walking through the barn.

 Seriously yummmmmm

 Pioneer Village is Sue Ann's favorite part of the fair. She remembered it from when she was a little girl!

 This was the kiddie section of the fair. Each child went spot to spot and did various things related to farm-life. Gus started with getting a hat, an apron, and a bucket. 

 Then he had to collect corn and soybean seeds

 Planting his seeds

 Picking peppers with Nana

 Posing with Grandpa

 Sheering sheep and collecting wool

 Milking a cow

 At the market, he "sold" his items and was given cash to spend in the store!

 He bought a cereal bar and a juice!

 Gus and his hat 

 This crazy ride cost a wristband AND five tickets!

 Gus rode this eight times. Not kidding. It paid for the bracelet.

Saturday night we had Steve's 20th high school reunion to attend. We left the boys with their grandparents and then we headed out for a night on the town!
 Steve's last will from 1993

 Steve's best friend from high school (Alan)
Steve and Alan back in high school

On Sunday, we went to the family day event at the lake and then we stopped by Steve's grandparent's house for a nice visit. They were excited to meet Hugh!

 Gus fell going down the hill and of course needed some TLC from his Ma Scott!

Here are some other fun pictures from our trip to Indiana:

 Yes, he fell asleep holding a donut

 Steve let Gus drive the van...

Overall, it was an awesome trip and we had a great time. We cannot wait to head back around Thanksgiving!!


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