Monday, August 19, 2013

Vacation Highlights :: Michigan

We headed north on Friday, July 26th. We loaded the car Thursday night and Gus was so excited to get in the car and go. Friday morning arrived and he was the first one in the van. Our trip to Michigan took us about 13 hours or so, but only because we stopped for a leisurely lunch and then hit traffic in both Cincinnati and Dayton.
This was Hugh's first big trip and he did a GREAT job! No complaining from him!

Happy to have his favorite things to play with

He got a 15 minute turn on the iPad

Gus and Super Gus taking a nap

We arrived at my parent's house around 7pm and we ordered pizza for dinner (Hungry Howies... yummmm). We stayed up until 9 or so and then we all went to bed because we were tired from a day of travel.
Excited to be at Gram and Pap's house!

On Saturday, July 27th- we headed to the Detroit Zoo to meet up with Gus's birth mom, Claire, and her dad, Tony. My very good friend Shannon also met us there with her baby, Avion (he's a month older than Hugh). I had not seen Shannon since Gus was a month and a half old! It was so great to spend the day with her and catch up. 

The trip to the zoo with Gus's birth family was awesome. He loved seeing the animals and I honestly loved watching him spend time with Claire and Grampy. The only thing that could have made it better is if Grammy was able to come (she was having back pain and not able to join us). Gus and Claire had a great time together and I hope we can continue this tradition every year when we come to MI.

While we were at the zoo, we ran into my food friend Aimee and her family. It was raining, so we went into the polar bear exhibit to stay dry and had some time to chat and visit. Her youngest is a few days older than Avion and a month older than Hugh. It was neat to see the babies together. :-)
Aimee and Kaiden

The babies

Aimee, me and Shannon

After the zoo, we headed to my twin brother's house to see his family. It was so great to spend time with my nephew Alex and my two nieces Lily and Charlie. I didn't get to see my brother on Saturday, but I did spend time with my SIL, Christie.
It melts my heart to see my kids playing with their cousins

Scott and Christie recently got a kitten (Olive) and Gus LOVED her!!!

Lily loves her baby cousin!

<3 br="">

Lily wrapped a present for Uncle Steve

The kiddos eating dinner together

Lily wanted to feed Hugh his bottle

On Sunday, July 28th, we headed to Jungle Java to meet up with Gus's birth father, Hunter, and his family. It was such a great visit and I loved seeing them interact with both Gus and Hugh. It was a wonderful morning with them!
Gus's Aunt Leah giving him a present

Silly Hugh

Gus and Aunt Danielle playing together in the play area

Hunter gave Gus a glow pillow! He loves it!!

Gus and Hunter

Gus and Grandma Sturgill

Getting ready to say our "see you soons"

Hugh and Grandpa Sturgill

Silly Gus

"Bye Grandpa"

After our morning with Hunter's family we went to lunch and then headed to Lowe's for their Build and Grow Clinic. Gus and Lily made the RC race car from Toy Story 3.

We went to dinner with my cousin Jessica and her husband Mike and their daughter Brenna. It was so good to see them and to catch up! I can't wait to see them again... it's always too long between visits.

Monday, July 29th, we went to Aimee's for the morning and got to spend time with her and the boys. It was very enjoyable and it made me miss her even more.  :-(

On the way home from Aimee's, we stopped at 7-11 and Gus and I each got a Slurpee and some BBQ Better Made chips to share. He also got a Lunchable. We headed back to my parent's house and Christie and the kids were there. We spent the afternoon visiting with them and the kids watched a movie together. It was so fun.
Alex and Hugh

Lily and Hugh

Gus and Alex snuggling together while watching a movie

Tuesday, July 30th-- We got up and then met my mom for lunch at Ram's Horn. After lunch we went over to Scott and Christie's and we stayed over there for a bit before heading to Canton to meet Gus's birth family for dinner at Chuck E. Cheese's. We had hoped to see his Grammy, but her back was still hurt and she wasn't able to come. We did get to meet Tony's parents, which are Gus's great-grandparents and we also got to meet Tony's sister and her two children. It was really awesome.

Eagerly waiting for Claire to arrive

He won 50 tickets!

Claire's cousin and Claire with Gus

Gus's Great-Aunt Chris


Just hanging out...

Claire made both boys a bracelet! She measured their wrists and created it right there at the table!

Hugh's bracelet

Grampy and Gus

Our last full-day in Michigan was such an awesome day. On Wednesday, July 31st, we headed to Greenfield Village with Scott's family and my mom and dad.
Two of my favorite people (my mama and my man)

They were holding hands 

Alex and Gustafer

I love this picture!

Gus and Pap watching the train go by

Lily taking pictures with Pap's camera

Scott and Charlie

So fun

Heading into the train roundhouse!

Charlie running to daddy

My mom has had two hip-replacements... I'm so glad she came and was willing to ride on the scooter to get around!!

Gus and his Aunt Christie

Model-Ts driving around

Riding the 1913 carousel!

Fun in the dirt after lunch


An old-fashioned game of baseball on the lawn

The cousins (Hugh was sleeping)

My two favorite men (My dad and Steve)

Waving to the Model-T driver

Waving to the cyclists

Checking out all of Thomas Edison's stuff

The Wright Brother's home

For our Southern friends

Gus throwing an EPIC tantrum for his Pap

We had a wonderful time in Michigan and I can honestly say, this vacation was one of the best in years. It was relaxing and wasn't stressful and I really enjoyed the time with family and friends!


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