Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Book Advent (A Review)

I love Pinterest. I find so many awesome ideas on there and usually come away feeling really inspired. I can't spend too much time on there, because it's literally a time-suck for me. I can go on and spend HOURS just pinning and looking at awesome things that others have pinned.

In October, I came across something called "Book Advent" where you wrap 24 books (usually Christmas/holiday related) and each night as you wait for Christmas, you open a book and read it together. Since I'm doing the Scholastic Book Orders for Gus's class, I decided to start stocking up on books in October and November so that I'd have all the books needed for December.

I really enjoyed this project. I will definitely do it again next year and I think Gus really enjoyed it too. I made sure to take pictures every night to document our month of waiting. Enjoy!

It was super easy to do, and it really got Gus excited for Christmas. He loved unwrapping his gift each night and was full of excitement to see what the book would be. 

After we read each night, I put the book into a bucket and it became our Christmas bucket. We now have 25 books in our Christmas bucket and I can easily pull it out for Gus and Hugh in November of next year.

I HIGHLY recommend using Scholastic Reading Club to get your books, as they're super affordable and in November, there are TONS of Christmas books to choose from!!


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