Thursday, May 01, 2014

Easter Activities

We have been so blessed to have made the friends here in Georgia that we have. We belong to an incredible church and they've got some outstanding events that they plan for kids. So this Easter, we were REALLY busy between events with my MOMS Club® chapter and our church!!

On Good Friday, we went to the third annual Easter Egg Hunt and Potluck that my chapter does. It was such a great time, and this year Hugh was able to participate in his first egg hunt. Unfortunately, it was raining, but that didn't deter the kids from having fun in the rain!!

On Saturday, April 19th we went to CTK for their Easter Eggstravangaza and enjoyed the petting zoo, games, crafts, egg hunt, and then this year they had the first ever men's BBQ championship. Steve volunteered to help with a team, but then I was asked to take pictures for the church, so he helped with the boys so I could take pictures. We had a great time and even made new friends!


On Easter Sunday, we got up and headed to the breakfast at church and then enjoyed Easter service. I always get so emotional at the Easter service, and it was another wonderful day. We want to keep the focus of Christmas and Easter on the true meaning (Christ). Instead of putting out a plate of carrots for the bunny and then having Easter baskets when we wake up... we told Gus that the bunny "might" come while we're at church. He was totally okay with this and was eager to go to church.

On the way to church, we were talking about Easter and Gus said, "They put him in a cave and then when they rolled away the rock, he was gone!" I said, "That's right!" Gus then said, "But he came back." I said, "Yes, you're right! He did come back!" and with that, Gus said, "As the Easter Bunny!" LOL  We were happy that he got the first part right...  ;-)  We got home from church and I ran in to quickly get the baskets assembled and then they were able to come in and see what the bunny left for them. It was a great day. We had a tiny ham for dinner, potato salad, baked beans, and rolls.

 When he came in and saw his basket he said, "OH MY GOODNESS!!"

 Hugh's basket
 Gus's basket

We hope you had a wonderful Easter!


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