Saturday, May 03, 2014

Out and About

Last Thursday, my MOMS Club chapter had our monthly MNO (moms night out) event and we decided to go to the Alpharetta Food Truck Alley. I was surprised that only three people signed up to go, and I was honestly disappointed, but it was so awesome. My friend Kylie ended up coming and there were four of us there and it was perfect.
 Rachel, me and Brittany
 A crepe from the French Truck

Me and Kylie

On Saturday morning, I was able to go on a date with Gus. He and I went strawberry picking at Warbington Farms with my MOMS Club! It was such a great time and I really enjoyed the time with just him.
 We picked a LOT of strawberries!!

 Gus found GIANT strawberries!
 He couldn't help himself, just had to try one!

Look at all those berries! Would you believe that they were all consumed by Wednesday?

 We shared some homemade strawberry ice cream and it was the best that I've ever tasted!

 Gus and his buddy Gage on one of the many slides

 We went on a hayride and the cows followed the tractor for some food!

 Gus loved the petting zoo at the farm and liked playing with the miniature goats and the bunnies

 Holding a baby chick

Then on Saturday night, a group of my friends and I headed downtown for a girls night out. It was such a good time... I have not been out with friends past 9pm in YEARS. We met at Kylie's and had a cab drive us town to Midtown to a place called Zocolo for dinner. We laughed and enjoyed some margaritas and Mexican food and then walked to a place called Cosmolava. We had a great time, danced the night away, and before we knew it, it was after 1am. We made a side stop on the way home to check some things off our bucket-lists and then headed back to Kylie's. It was 3am when I walked in the door.
In the cab on the way to dinner
 Heather and Kylie at dinner
 My shrimp and fish tacos (they were delicious)
 Me and Brittany

 Heather's shoe fell apart as we walked to dinner...
 At the club
 Me, Heather and Aline
 Shots! I haven't taken a shot in YEARS!!!

You know it's a good time when your glasses are off... lol

On Sunday, Steve and I had our April date night and we decided to go to our first Atlanta Braves game together! I got us some great tickets and then Alana came over at 11:15 to watch the boys. We took MARTA to the Five-Points station and then walked through Underground Atlanta and headed to the free shuttles that take you to the stadium and drop you off right at the entrance.
 On MARTA for the first time!
 Heading into the city

 Not as big as I was expecting it to be (not the size of Comerica Park)... but it was fun!

 1st Pitch!

It's been a busy and fun few weeks and we can't wait to see what this spring and summer holds for us!!


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