Friday, July 04, 2014

4th Birthday!

Gus's cupcake cake

For Gus's fourth birthday, we decided to do a bowling theme. I had taken him bowling a few months before and he really enjoyed it, so I decided to look into how much it'd be for a party. Turns out, it was pretty affordable and I was hooked!

I created his invitations myself, and I think they turned out really cute.

We invited ten of his closest friends, and decided on cosmic bowling on Saturday, May 10th. I had thought of doing it on his actual birthday (Sunday), but it was Mother's Day, so we opted for Saturday instead.

We've decided to do a birthday shirt each year, and I love the one I got for Gus for his 3rd and then I got Hugh the same one for his 1st. Each year, when Gus has his birthday, we'll get his, and then when Hugh has his birthday, he'll get the matching shirt. I plan to eventually have a quilt made for each boy once they're older, and use those birthday shirts in the quilts.

Anyway, Gus was able to wear his new shirt for his bowling party. We were excited to have Steve's dad and Sue Ann come down for Gus's birthday. They came on Thursday and stayed until Sunday morning. It was such a great help for them to come, and they were able to keep Hugh occupied while we focused on Gus and his party.

This is the set-up

Gus and his BFF, Meera

Gus and his buddy Garner

Hugh and his grandpa

The fog machine kicked on and then the lights went out and it was a party!

Gus got a REAL bowling pin as a keepsake and each child autographed it for him

Hugh and his buddy Grey

Cameron and James with their mom, Nikki (they were in Gus's class this last year)

Gus's good friend Gage

Of course, Miss Aubree was there to celebrate with us :-)

After the kids bowled for an hour and a half, we headed to the arcade. Each child was given a MEGA coin to put into the token machine, and then it spit out $3 in tokens. It was so awesome. The kids had a blast in the arcade!!

Putting his MEGA coin into the machine

We learned that Gus needs some practice with driving- thankfully we have 11 years before that's an issue

Gus and Gage playing air hockey

The party was wonderful. Everyone had drinks, pizza, cupcakes, and the kids each left with a big bowling pin-shaped sipper with a straw. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed being able to watch Gus have fun with his friends.

We got home and decided to open his birthday presents while Grandpa and Nana were still with us. Gus was overwhelmed with all the nice things that his friends gave him for his birthday.

Aubree gave him a hand-made Lego box!! It came with Legos inside!!

Logan gave Gus a special Pluto from Wilderness Lodge-- he got it while in WDW just the week before!

We gave Gus a Buzz Lightyear

It was a fun birthday and we had a great time celebrating four amazing years. It makes me sad to think he's already four, but he's an amazing little boy and I cherish each day with him!!


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