Friday, July 04, 2014

End of the Year

The end of the year came upon us quite quickly. Gus had such a wonderful experience at Lake Windward this last year and we really went into it uncertain, but came away feeling so happy that we trusted our guts to do the best for him. We have seen so much growth in his speech, it's remarkable.

When we had his fall IEP (in October because he had met all the goals set in May of 2013), I asked his speech therapist about how far behind he was. She said he was about a year and a half to two years delayed. When we had his May IEP, she said he was about six months behind his peers. Talk about growth!!

We were able to add OT to his IEP. His teacher spent the whole year trying different interventions (as is how things are done now days in the education world) and collected and plotted data and then tried more interventions and more data collection... and finally, after trying so many and not seeing the results that she felt were warranted, we were finally able to add OT for the fall. :-)  This should help him with being so squirmy, strengthening his core muscles, and teaching him strategies for staying focused.

Gus had his first field trip and Steve and Hugh and I were able to attend. We walked over to Webb Bridge Park (just around the corner from his school). It was a great trip!

Gus and Cameron, Nikki, and James walking into the school ready for their 1st ever field trip!

Gus and James

Meera and Hugh

Gus had a blast with his two 5th grade friends (they're helpers in the special needs preschool classes)

Steve pulling Hewy in the wagon :-)

Gus holding Ms. Amanda's hand as they walked back to the school

Gus also got to participate in his first ever Field Day!! I wasn't there to help, but his teacher sent some pictures of Gus during field day:

That's a happy boy right there

For the end of the year, his teacher had a party (the day before the last day) and I was able to go to that. The last day of school was sad for me. Gus wasn't aware of what it all meant, but I was. Throughout the summer, as we've been by his old school, he's asked to go see Ms. Amanda and all his friends. It breaks my heart to know that he'll never go back and will never see them all again as his classmates. 

Gus and Ms. Amanda

Gus on the last day of school

We will miss our friends at Lake Windward Elementary, but are eager to see what being a Medlock Bridge Mustang will like! I'll be going on Tuesday to register Gus as an official mustang... and the beginning of a new chapter will start on August 11th!


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