Tuesday, July 22, 2014

He Did It!

We've got a white belt in the house!

We weren't sure how karate class was going to go tonight. When we told Gus he needed to get dressed to go, he said no. I didn't feel like fighting over going, and neither did Steve. However, it only took a few times of telling him to get in gear before he did what was asked.

Today was the best class yet for Gus. He really likes Mr. Burns and was eager to give him the homework sheet from Thursday (Gus had to do various things around the house to earn a good report from us). He listened and didn't sit out at all today, which was wonderful!

Gus was super squirmy and active today. We're hoping that with karate, he'll learn to calm down and focus his energy in other ways. We'll see. I do like that the class is led by men (which is nice because men deal with children differently than women do) and Gus is always around female teachers/coaches. It's a nice change for him to have men in charge and leading the way. The class is almost all boys too, which is also nice for Gus.

The belts for today... would Gus earn his?!?!?

While we were there today, we were approached by Mr. Yu about scheduling our meeting with him. Today was the last day that Steve would be able to come to class for sure, so I asked if we could meet today, and so we were taken to the back office to discuss the pricing of plans. 

We looked at everything and he gave us a sheet to take home with us with all the pricing on it. Steve and I are 99% sure that we'll be enrolling Gus on a full-time basis, but we need to discuss it more this weekend. For now, he's going with his Groupon (16 classes and a uniform for $30) and we're using up as many of those classes as possible before we decide for sure.

We came out of the meeting and had a few minutes to watch the rest of class. It's only a 30 minute class anyway, so the time really goes by quickly. I do like that it's only 30 minutes though because it's just enough time for him to really focus. If it were any longer, I think it'd be hard for Gus to maintain his behavior and attention.

One of the self-defense skills that they learn at this age is all about strangers. Today, Mr. Burns gathered the kids up and they talked about good strangers and bad strangers and the importance of knowing the difference between the two. He shared that if someone ever approaches the kids, they need to yell "NO!!!" and put their arms out to push the person away.:-)

The end of class arrived and it was time for Gus to stand up and get his white belt!! He was so excited and when he finally had it on he said, "This is sooooo cool!!!"  :-D

While we had been in the meeting, Gus earned his second "High Five Award." We are so proud of him and it's exciting to see him starting to enjoy karate!


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