Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thoughts on the World

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So this morning I woke up and decided to listen to NPR for a bit. It was the BBC and they were talking about various things and I wasn't really focusing on anything they were saying. Then they had a Senator (can't remember which state he was from) come on and he was talking about the US economy and how the tax-payers are broke and can't make ends meet, and yet there's Iraq sitting high on top of more than $300 billion from oil. The Senator made a statement that really made me say, "YES!!!" (I really did say it... I was laying there in bed and I had a surge of emotion go through me and I said it to Hurmin.)

What the Senator said was that Iraq has been accepting our help for years. We have our troops over there, we're providing the assistance that they needed to get out from under Saddam, and to establish a democratic society of their own. It has cost the US billions of dollars and the biggest cost is the blood of our citizens. The Senator was calling for Iraq to give us some money for all the money that we've spent and to pay for the help that they've been given for the past several years. They obviously have the money and can afford to pay back the money that's been spent on their well-being. The fact that the well-being of the US citizens comes secondary to the citizens of Iraq is sick.

After the Senator spoke, they had a man from Iraq come on and he said that they are ready for the US to leave and let them take care of themselves. He said that they don't owe the US anything because they never asked for the United States to come and help them.

Yeah, it got my blood boiling because whether they asked for the help or not, they got it and they're in a better place because of it. Our soldiers are STILL there making sure that they're safe and watching guard and yet, they have the audacity to say that they don't owe us anything. On top of that, they have BILLIONS of dollars that they're keeping (the guy from Iraq said that they're saving the money) coming in from oil. You'd think they'd use that money to pay back the US.

Not that it would matter. I honestly don't think the American people would see anything even if Iraq did pay us back. The money would go for other things, but the US people wouldn't see any of it. Maybe the education system would get some of it. Just think where our schools could be if there were BILLIONS invested in them instead of Iraq.

Heavy sigh...
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