Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 102

We had a really busy day today! We got up and then got ready for Judy to come over. I cleaned up the livingroom while Gus played. As I put a toy away, he grabbed a new one and brought it out. Yes... it was a fun little game.  :)

She got here around 9:30ish and we had a nice visit with her. Then right after she left, I called Kristen because we were supposed to meet her at Honeycutt Park in Fuquay, but it was raining here. She said it was cloudy but not raining. We decided that I should just head over to her house and then if it was raining the kids could play there, and if it was nice, we'd walk to the park. Well... right as I pulled into her driveway, it started to rain, so we stayed there.

It's always fun to watch Gus interact with Grace because of how close they are in age (four days). It's amazing to see that she can do some things that he can't (like imitate the sound of a cow when prompted) and vice-versa (walking). They were engaging in dialogue that made me laugh... they were talking in their baby language and Kristen and I were just laughing at them. They're so cute together.

It was also nice to talk to Kristen about developmental things and to compare notes about things like going from the bottle to sippy, and ditching the bottle and formula. It'll be strange for him to go from getting most of his nutrients from formula to drinking whole milk and getting all of his nutrients from solid foods. I don't know how I feel about all of it... part of me wants to keep giving him a bottle at bedtime, but then I don't want him to be dependent on it. We'll see. Time will certainly tell. 

One thing that I will be doing tomorrow is giving him the sippy with the straw that I bought. He was walking around with the bottle and sucking on it, and I think he can handle the straw sippy. We'll see if it's a hit or a miss.

Steve got home early and we were able to spend some quality time together before I made dinner. I made meatloaf (so good) and mashed potatoes and corn. I had my first tutoring gig tonight with Gulbike and it was wonderful! I got to work with her on her homework and then help her with division. She's really good at math, so it wasn't difficult to work with her. She just needs to gain some confidence and TAKE NOTES IN CLASS!!! I swear I beat it into my kids' heads last year and she must have forgot!!! Hopefully after tonight she'll start taking notes and asking questions!!

I finished with her around 8 and then I had dinner. Steve gave Gus his bath and put him to bed while I was in the FROG with Gulbike, so it was really nice. I didn't have to worry about anything. :)

Tomorrow I'm going with Wendy to Toys-R-Us and then to lunch. I have to do laundry and pack for our trip! I'm really getting excited!! Two more sleeps and I'll be on my way to Michigan to see my parents and Scott's family!!!! I'm also excited to see my cousin Jessica and her daughter B on Friday, and then also to see Gus's birth mom and her mom, and to finally meet his great-grandma!!!

See you tomorrow!!


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