Friday, March 30, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #89

A Year of Gratitude #89: Taco Thursday

I think I've blogged about this before, but maybe not. Every Thursday, the local Mexican place (El Porton) has a taco special. They have unlimited tacos for $1.25 each. You can get hard or soft shelled, and beef, chicken, or bean. They come with lettuce and cheese, and they are delicious.

Last night, we headed out and while I wasn't feeling well, I was well enough to not make dinner and enjoy tacos. Our meal (with tax) came to less than $10. That was Steve, Gus, and me all having a nice, filling dinner. Unreal.

I'm thankful that at least once a week, we can afford to eat out and not feel like it's killing us. Sometimes we splurge and get the cheese dip, and I usually get a Coke, but even with those splurges, it's still around $15 for all three of us to eat. 



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