Monday, April 09, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #99

A Year of Gratitude #99: Easter Fun

I don't think I ever realized just how much fun it is to be a parent. I have friends who have vowed to NEVER have kids, and I've always said, if you don't want kids, for their sake, don't have any.

I know parenting isn't for everyone, and it's definitely not easy all the time, but my gosh, it can be the most amazing thing to ever experience. Maybe it's because I never thought I'd be able to be a mom, but I take each and every day as a blessing. Gus is the most incredible little person that I've ever had the honor of knowing, and he makes me smile.

Boy oh boy, does he make me smile. Gus is only 22 months (he'll be 23 months this Wednesday), but his personality has been established, and the kind of person that he'll become as he grows, is more and more evident. And I might be biased, but I've got to say, I REALLY like the person that he is! He is just a sweet nugget of a boy and brings so much delight and joy to my day. He's caring, compassionate, and oh so sweet. He's learning about sharing and loves to share what he has with his mama and daddy.

We had an Easter Egg Hunt with my MOMS Club on Friday and it was so fun. Gus found ten eggs and had so much fun looking for eggs and putting them in his Mickey Mouse bucket. He had even more fun opening the eggs and eating the candy inside. :-)
The kiddos before the hunt

Gus found an egg before the hunt and decided to eat a Starburst

On the loose!

Checking out his eggs

Having some candy before lunch

Since we had so much fun a the MOMS Club Easter Egg Hunt, I decided that we'd do a hunt in our front yard on Easter morning.

Gus got up and Steve went to get him dressed while I went outside and hid the eggs. Gus wore his fancy outfit for the hunt, but we changed him after (I didn't want him to get anything on it). He had a BLAST outside looking for eggs! I loved that Steve was home with us and able to participate... he had as much fun as Gus!!

For dinner we had ham, au gratin potatoes (from scratch) and green bean casserole. I also made a Butterfinger pie for dessert that was so yummy!
Green bean casserole

Brown sugar and honey crock pot ham

Au gratin potatoes

My plate  :-)

Butterfinger Pie

I'm thankful for the joy of motherhood and for an amazing Easter with Gus and Steve.


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