Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Voting in GA

Today was Election Day here in GA (Primary election). Steve and I wanted to go together since neither of us have voted here yet. We waited for Gus to wake from his nap and it was 6:30 by the time we left the house (the polls closed at 7).

When we arrived at the school, we weren't sure where to go and there weren't signs ANYWHERE. It was really odd to not see a million campaign posters/signs. After turning around and going around the other side of the building, we found the entrance.

I was surprised to see that we had to show our driver's licenses to vote. I thought that was illegal. Anyway, after showing our IDs, we were given directions to head to the next table and instead of being given a big long ballot (like I've ALWAYS been given), we were each handed a yellow card (like a credit card). This was our ballot.

When we went to the voting booth, we put the card into the reader (like a credit card reader) and it made a click and locked in the card. Then my ballot showed up on the screen. It was all touch-screen and SO EASY. I literally just went through and checked a box on who I wanted to vote for, and then on the issues, same thing. At the end, it let me review my ballot before hitting the submit button.

When I was done, the card was ejected and I took it back to the lady at the first table and she gave me the above sticker. 

It was so easy.

I didn't have to bubble in anything with a pen. I didn't have to worry about feeding my ballot into a machine and worrying about it not taking it or going in wrong-side up. It was incredibly efficient and very high-tech.

I loved it.

Now let's just hope that my votes were worth something and how I voted pans out as I had hoped.


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