Friday, July 27, 2012

MOMS Club® Olympics

My Gold Medalist  :-)

We had our MOMS Club Olympics today and boy was it FUN!!! I seriously love the moms in my group and they're all so fun to be around. We had six events today and the kids had a blast.

We arrived at 9:30 to get set-up and Kathryn and Christy were already there. Soon after, Kristina arrived, then Kimberly, and then Cheryl and before we left, Meaghan came with her boys.

Before JP was in the seat, Gus had to test it out (LOL)

Gus loves JP and was eager to go and say hi!

Gus was so excited for the events. Our first event was the "hippity hop" and most of the little kids had no idea how to ride the bouncy. It was funny to see the moms trying to explain to their toddlers how to use it.
Kathryn explaining how to jump to Aubree
 While Brooke was taking her turn, Gus decided to help JP with his paci. I swear, Gus is SO GOOD with babies. He just LOVES them! He had his left hand helping with the paci and his right hand was on JP's back. It was so incredibly adorable!

Gus's turn!

LOL he decided to just sit on it

The older kids had a great time with it!

Go Dillon!
Gus getting his first prize of the day!

The second event was the soccer kick. I sponsored this event and I think it was a hit!
Ryan did really well!

Grace enjoyed it

Abbey kicked it really far too!

I'm probably biased, but I think Gus kicked it the farthest!! 

Soccer Star!!


Ready to practice more!

After the soccer kick, the kids moved to the egg relay. They had to put an egg on a spoon and walk without dropping it.

Gus decided he'd rather just get a prize

The next event was the JUMBO Bowling and the kids all LOVED it!!!
Gus was ready to party with his lei

Whoo hoo!!

Ryan throwing the ball

Gus just ran the ball into the pins and got a strike!!

The next event was the ball toss game and the kids tried to knock down some cans.

Gus decided to just ram his whole hand into the cans to knock them down!

The last event was the Closing Ceremony. Christy led the kids (with torch in hand) around the field and then we celebrated with ribbons and snacks!

LOL-- Christy was excited that she beat all the kids!

Gus did such a GREAT job!! He ran the whole way and everyone cheered when the kids finished!!

Gus getting his ribbon

Gus and Aubree enjoying a cold drink

Ahhhh... snack time!!

The kids played after they had their snacks and Gus decided to mosey over to the playground. He was climbing the structure and I wanted to get to him in case he fell, and as I was swiftly moving toward him, I twisted my ankle at the swings and totally fell. I was embarrassed, so I quickly stood up, but was in pain. I went to where Gus was and it took everything inside me not to pass out. I felt sick and I had to sit down before I blacked out.

My ankle hurts really bad now and while it's not swollen (I guess that's a good thing), it's REALLY stiff and sore. I'm not sure what I did to it, but I'm expecting to either be 100% better tomorrow, or it to be swollen when I wake up. We'll see.

After the Olympics, we went to J. Christopher's for lunch. Here are some cute pictures of Gus, Dillon, and Aubree as we walked from the parking lot to the restaurant.
Good friends hold hands!

I just love this one!!

My post wouldn't be complete without sharing the Monster Maker pictures from today...
He must have been thirsty...



And happy

Me too Gus, me too!


TTABaby said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Looks like so much fun! I looked up Moms Club and found there is one here... I'm a little apprehensive. Do you think there would be enough things going on Fri-Sunday or is it a stay at home mom club? It would be nice to get to know more moms! I had my first weekend alone since DH worked all weekend- I have one more day and I'm getting a little lonely.

Cat's Litterbox said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@TTABaby Technically you have to be a SAHM to join, but some chapters offer an "associate" membership for moms that are part-time or have schedules that aren't M-F at work. You should email your local chapter and just see. Most of our stuff is during the week, because that's when at-home moms need support the most. You could also look and see if there's a Mommies Network chapter near you- that's for ALL moms and some chapters have usergroups specifically for adoption, working moms, single moms, infertility/loss, it's great. Our Atlanta Area Mommies isn't very strong... but I was VERY involved in Triangle Mommies in NC.

I think either would be worth looking into. I would go crazy if I didn't have people to do things with!!!

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