Tuesday, July 24, 2012

7-24-12 Spray Station

Soaked from head to toe!

This morning, Gus and I headed to Roswell to meet some of our MOMS Club friends at the Roswell Spray Station. It was $1 for each of us to get in and it was completely fenced in (so nice)! When we arrived, it was not open yet (they open at 10am) and we had pulled up just as Kathryn and Aubree were arriving. The four of us went to the ticket window and got our wrist bands and headed inside.

It was completely empty and SO NICE. 

I had been worried that Gus wouldn't go into the water area after the failed experience last week at the Spray Pad. I think this was the most perfect location because they had a little bit of everything and it was geared for the under seven crowd (the Spray Pad is for older kids-- the water that comes out of the ground is high-pressure).

We were there for about an hour and it started to get REALLY full.
Before the huge crowds of people came (there were two summer camps that arrived at 10:30/10:45), the place was pretty empty and Gus had a great time.
Gus with his friend Logan

Gus and two of his MOMS Club friends

Plotting something with Aubree

The morning was pretty hot. I think we hit 96 degrees today. However, the Spray Station has two large covered areas and since we arrived first, we were able to pick our spots. I always keep one camping chair for me and Gus's frog chair in the car (you never know when it'll come in handy) and today we were able to bring them in and sit comfortably. 

Gus enjoyed running through the water and coming to see me and giving me a big, wet hug. :-) It kept me cool as well. He went back and forth all morning and was even willing to snuggle on my lap wrapped up in his towel.

It was a great morning!

At noon, Kathryn and I decided to head out and grab some lunch at Moe's. We had a wonderful time catching up (she's been on vacation and I haven't seen her to just sit and talk in FOREVER). While we were eating and chatting, Gus had my phone. He must have REALLY had a great time in the water today... look at the monster surprises he left for me:

They made me smile. He's such a funny little boy.

Tomorrow we're going to Kristina's house for a morning playdate with her son Dillon. We're having brunch together and we're bringing the juice and she's making a french toast something or other. Should be delicious!

I'm off to bed!


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