Friday, August 03, 2012


Goop: Corn starch, water, and food coloring

This afternoon, after lunch but before nap time, Gus and I made goop. I had decided that we were NOT going to watch any television today, so Gus spent the morning very unhappy that he was not able to watch Mickey Mouse. Making goop was just the ticket for some fun and clearing his head of the mouse.

I started off using the sensory table, but Gus isn't quite tall enough to really use it when there's something shallow in one of the bins. So I took the bin out and he played with the goop on the table.
It starts off really hard to mix... but once you get it mixed, it's so awesome!

Gus wasn't sure about it at first
If you've never touched it before, it's kinda slimy. It's very liquidy when you move it around, but then when you grab it, it's like a semi-solid. It's very interesting!

Of course Gus had to touch his head with it and see what it felt like on his hair!

Look at that little grin!!
He wanted to taste it... I figured, it's just corn starch, water and food coloring... can't hurt him (can't taste good either)



He thought it was funny that I was making yucky noises

Such a sly little man!
Love his foot!
Looks like it's solid doesn't it??

Putting both hands in!!

After a while I decided to add some blue food coloring...

Gus LOVED mixing up the blue!

He was using a little spoon to help mix it up

Totally checking out his mixture!

He liked tipping the bin because the goop slowly oozed down the bin...

Burying his fork

When the goop gets on your skin, within a minute, it solidifies and he was fascinated with the goop on his hands and fingers!

He kept sticking his whole hand in!


Checking it out as it dries/hardens on his hand!
Picking off the dried goop from his spoon


He really had a good time!

Ught oh!! Rubbing those eyes (with goop on his hands)! Time for a bath and then a nap!

All done!

This really was an easy little activity and he had a great time. I think anyone with a bin could do it. You could also do it outside in a kiddy pool. I thought about that, but we have bees outside and I didn't want to have to put sunscreen on him and deal with all that. It was easier inside for us today.

I think next week we're going to experiment with baking soda and vinegar!! I saw a post online about using highlighters to make glow water and you use a black light! I think Gus would love it!!! I just need to see about getting a black light and we can try it out!


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