Monday, August 06, 2012

Currently (8-6-12)

Currently I am...

to the sound of NPR playing on Gus's radio upstairs. We had been using his iPod but he kept playing with it and sleeping with it (so odd). So while we figure out what's going on with the iPod, Steve set up the radio so Gus has something to listen to before drifting off into dreamland. He's been lulled to sleep by NPR for the last two nights. Yeah Gus, NPR puts me to sleep too.  :-)

about our trip north at the end of the month. We won't know for sure when we're going until my brother knows for sure when he'll be in MI, but it'll either be the week before Labor Day, or the week after Labor Day. We'll see. Anyway, I'm eager to get back north and see my family and friends. And hopefully it'll be cooler up there than it has been down here.

a crystal ball so I can see the future and know how things are going to pan-out. There's a lot going on around the Walker household and amongst the buzzing is a lot of anxiety and a bit of stress. I'm wanting to know that it'll all be okay.

forward to Chuck E. Cheese tomorrow with my MOMS Club. We're going at 9:30 (when they open) and it should be pretty empty at that time. Gus has never been, and it'll be my first time taking my child there (I took some of my 3rd graders when I taught 3rd). I always wanted to go when I was a kid and we never went. I'm glad to take Gus and let him play and have fun... where "a kid can be a kid."  :-)

not as frequently on my blog. Not sure why-- just too busy I suppose. I am behind on things and should get back focused. I'm being sucked into SongPop... have you played it yet? It's an app and game through FB and it's totally awesome and VERY addictive!!!


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Sorry, Cath, I love NPR. I had to stop listening though as things discussed can be a bit intense for young worrying minds. Still no idea on our departure. Hoping those days work, but not sure when D will be in MI. Let me know if you need an ear about what is going on.

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