Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Disney Recap: Thursday, November 15th, 2012


Thursday was a fun day because it was the official start to our vacation. It was also the middle of our vacation and looking back, I think from Thursday on, blinked by.

We got up and headed to Blizzard Beach for some fun in the sun, but there was no sun! It was FREEZING!!! Thankfully, all the water in Walt Disney World pools is heated, so it wasn't too bad. It was overcast, but it didn't stop Gus from having a great time in the water.

Gus and I watched a Pluto cartoon while Steve went to the clothing shop and got himself a pair of swim trunks

It's like overnight, Christmas had arrived at our hotel!

The gingerbread house!

We headed to the car and decided that Gus and I would stay at the entrance while Steve got the car. Gus was NOT happy about Daddy leaving us.
Cinderella's Coach... didn't impress him

When Steve showed up, we headed to Blizzard Beach. We had free waterpark tickets with our two day park tickets (thanks to the Summit being held at WDW), so because Typhoon Lagoon was being repaired and closed, we had no other choice but to head to Blizzard Beach. It was fun though, and Gus had a great time!
The entrance... and the park was EMPTY!!

We headed to Tikes Peak... the kiddy area


He LOVED the water slide and did great going by himself (it was kids only)

Then he decided to go down the innertube slide! He loved it too!

Taking the tube up the walk to Daddy

Going down the racing slide with Daddy

We all went into the wave pool and had fun!

So awesome!!

After playing for a while we got out and decided to grab some lunch


Where we enjoyed lunch

Headed back to the car!

We stopped at the local gas station and grabbed a gallon of milk to have in our room. It was a smart buy!
The entrance was even decorated for Christmas!

We got back to the room and Gus took a nap while Steve headed off to meet up with some work people and finalize some things. He was only gone two hours, and it was just the perfect time because Gus was napping while Steve was gone!
Watching the Chipmunk movie before taking a nap

We had dinner reservations at Whispering Canyon, which is located inside the Wilderness Lodge. I am SO glad that we went there for dinner! Not only was it really enjoyable and delicious, but we got to see the Wilderness Lodge. It's built as a replica of the Yellowstone Lodge and it's GORGEOUS!! I would love to stay there at some point!!!

Decked out for Christmas and just beautiful!

The lobby

Building with Lincoln Logs while waiting for our table

My original glass is on the right... I guess I asked for a refill one time too many!!

Our dinner was so delicious!!! We had BBQ! It was a giant skillet with sausage, fish, chicken, brisket, and pork and then we had the most delicious baked beans, some roasted veggies, some corn on the cob and some potatoes. We also got dessert with dinner. It was fabulous!!

After dinner, we walked around the hotel a bit and checked it out... I think my dad would absolutely LOVE this place! It definitely reminded me of Yellowstone National Park and made me think of my dad the whole time we were there!

There's a geyser inside!!

The GIANT fireplace

We headed back to the Grand Floridian and we stopped inside the main lobby once again. I took more pictures...
Just look at that gorgeous tree!

We were all pretty tired and crashed. We were super excited for our Friday- going to the Magic Kingdom!!!


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