Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Disney Recap: Wednesday, November 14th, 2012


The only day that I didn't have any clue how I'd spend the day, was Wednesday.

Steve didn't have to be at his Summit until 11, so we had time to sleep in and have breakfast together before seeing him off. I decided that Gus and I would spend the morning at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party swim area. We had checked it out after dinner on Tuesday, and it looked AWESOME. I knew Gus would love it.

Ready to go somewhere... anywhere!! 

Playing with his trains in the morning

Giving Daddy some hugs before we all headed out the door!

We walked Steve to the main entrance, and then said goodbye for the day. He had a wonderful day with amazing people at Disney, he got to see some behind the scenes things and had a private dinner and showing of The Lion King at Animal Kingdom! Gus and I didn't see him again until 11:30pm!

Gus and I headed to the swim area, and for the longest time, he was the only kiddo in the water. It was overcast, but warm. He enjoyed watching the monorail come into the Grand Floridian station from the Polynesian hotel.

The hat dumps water all over the main part!

It was noon, so Gus and I left the pool area and walked next door to the pool grill. He and I shared some nuggets and fries, and he enjoyed a banana. We both got resort mugs and I splurged and filled his with some pop. He was super excited to have pop, since I NEVER give it to him. He's a strictly juice, water, or milk kiddo. I figured that we were on vacation, and what happens at Disney, stays in Disney (except that I'm telling all of you). LOL

Checking out the monorail

People watching and guzzling his pop

This is a VERY happy boy!

After lunch, he went back into the water and was going back and forth, in and out. He made a new little friend and was having fun with her for a long time. By 2:30 he was starting to show signs of being REALLY tired (laying down in the water), so we headed back to the room for a nap for both of us!
Gus and his friend

Laying in the water

Totally ready to sleep!

LOL-- the pool was heated, so I'm sure it was snuggly warm for him!

Gus took a great nap, but woke up GROUCHY! I was able to swap our dinner reservations from 1900 Park Fare to the Grand Floridian Cafe. We had 5:25 reservations and we woke up at 5:00. By the time we got ourselves organized, it was perfect timing when we walked into the restaurant.

What wasn't perfect was Gus's behavior and attitude. He was a BEAST and was screaming and throwing and epic fit. He didn't want to sit in the high chair, and I was dining alone, so it was all me to wrestle him and try to apologize to all the diners around us.

Thankfully, I gave him my phone with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on it and he sat and ate some dinner while watching his "ma-mouche."

I had some chicken with mushrooms served over risotto (which I had never had before), and enjoyed some French Onion soup as an appetizer. My meal was good, but very rushed and I didn't want to do anything that would cause Gus to flip out more than necessary.

After dinner, we headed to the pool and he played in the Mad Hatter's party area for quite some time. 

My friend Krissy, whom is responsible for giving me all the best advice and helped me play our trip, told me about the fireworks at 8:00. She suggested watching them from the dock over by the one restaurant, so we headed over at 7:45 and found a spot right in the front! We had a GREAT view of the fireworks and we could hear the music that was being played over at the Magic Kingdom! It was magical!!

We headed back to the room, and on the way saw that they were showing Pocahontas on the lawn! Gus and I stopped in to watch the very end and then we headed back to the room to wait for Steve to return!

Trying to get Gus to pose in front of the Christmas tree in our building lobby

We had a great day of lounging and we were so excited to have Steve all to ourselves for the rest of the week!!


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