Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Disney Recap: Tuesday, November 13th, 2012


We had wanted to get on the road by 6:30 and we did it. The ride to Orlando was loooooooooooong. I think we were just super excited to get to our hotel, so the seven hour trip seemed much longer.

While headed to Florida, we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for lunch so Gus could stretch his little legs and play for a bit. He appreciated the break, and we enjoyed watching him have fun in the play area. He's such a funny little guy and makes us smile so much!

We made a few pit stops to use the bathroom, change Gus's diaper, and get some snacks. We stopped in Gainsville, FL with the hope of finding swim diapers and a pair of swim shorts for Steve (the one thing that he forgot to pack). We were surprised that there wasn't anything. Thankfully, Steve stopped at Target (just up the road) and found swim diapers. No luck on the shorts though, so we ended up having to get an overpriced pair at the resort.

The iPad and DVD player came in handy!

Enjoying too much junk food for a toddler
Getting restless and ready for lunch

Whoo hoo!! 

Gus certainly adores his Daddy!

Ice dream with Daddy

Our little bean

He finally napped and got about two hours of rest!!

Gus woke up minutes before we saw the welcome sign at Walt Disney World. His reaction when seeing the various characters on the Magic Kingdom entrance for parking was adorable. He was so excited to see his friends!

Pointing at the different characters and telling us their names!

We found our hotel, parked, and then headed inside to check in. We didn't get an upgrade (the resort was at max capacity), we did get some swag and everyone was very nice. We headed up to our room and Gus had a voice message from Goofy, welcoming him to Walt Disney World. It's the cutest and Steve and I each took a video (mine is posted on our family YouTube site-- along with several other videos from the week).

Carrying his own luggage... so adorable!

Headed to our room!

A cute Mickey awaited us!

Our goodies... and tickets... and other Disney stuff we brought for the trip!

A nice panoramic picture of our room

Gus listening to his message from Goofy

We checked out the balcony and Gus loved watching the monorail go by. He also loved that we could hear the train from the Magic Kingdom!!
Waving hello to the people on the monorail

One of his daily emergency bracelets that he wore

We enjoyed a gorgeous sunset

"Where'd it go??"

Fun with mama while Daddy unpacked and did some work stuff

After we visited one of Steve's coworkers (she gave me her Mickey iPad case that W50 gave to each Summit attendee), we decided to head to the Grand Floridian Cafe for dinner. We didn't have reservations, but didn't think we'd need them since it's the hotel restaurant. Well, we were wrong.

We ended up going to 1900 Park Fare (the Cinderella character buffet that Gus and I had reservations for on Wednesday) and they got us right in. We weren't prepared for this dinner and I left Gus's autograph book in the room. Gus loved meeting Prince Charming, Cinderella (he kept calling for her), her wicked step-sisters and the wicked step-mother. They were all in character and it was a great time. It turned out to be in our favor to have dinner there together... there's no way I could have done it alone with Gus.

Enjoying his special light-up Lightning McQueen straw topper and Mater cup

This wicked step-sister was the best. She was tickling Gus and was the only one of the ladies who got down on his level to talk to him!

She was AWESOME and totally in character!!!

Yummmm Strawberry Soup!

After our dinner, we headed out to the bay and watched the 8:00 fireworks show! It was a lot of fun and we were excited to be able to enjoy them together as a family!
Let's go check out the fireworks!

We had a great first day and all pretty much crashed as soon as we were back to the room!
"Nite Nite"


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