Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1st Day of Preschool

Today is a monumental day! It was Gus's first day of preschool!! I know everyone is asking, "How did he do?? How did you do, mama?" Well... let me tell you!!

We got up this morning and I made Gus's lunch. It was the first time making a lunch for my child to take to school, and I seriously loved it. Not only did I love making him a special lunch of his favorite things, but he's got a super cute lunch box (on the right in the above picture).

Then Gus watched an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I got things packed up. He was very happy to enjoy some juice and dry cereal while he watched "ma-mauche."

I wanted to take a few pictures of him before we left, but he was not very cooperative this morning.

At 9:00 we needed to get in the car and head to school. It was pouring rain, and I think that's the reason we were late. Yes. We were late to school on his first day. Thankfully, they have a window from 9:20-9:40 (class starts at 9:30) where you're not in "trouble" for being late. We arrived at 9:38.

We parked, headed inside, and once we turned to go down the hall towards his class, he started crying. He pretty much flipped out. His teacher, Mrs. Joanie (I think that's her name) was very sweet. She said hello to Gus and was very sweet with him (while he was on the floor screaming). She picked him up and I gave him a kiss and said I'd see him in a bit. Then I walked out.

My friend Lesley's son Logan is also in Gus's class (she raved about CTK and so that's why we picked this place for preschool). I'm glad she was there with me and she was watching Hugh while I was pulling myself together.

I went and saw the director, Karen, and paid for January and I also registered Gus for 2013-2014. He's all set for this month and next year. :-) She said she'd email me or call if there was a problem.

Lesley and I headed back to the door, and I could still hear Gus crying. I didn't want to leave yet, in case they needed me for something. I stood there for probably ten minutes, and he was still crying. I could hear him all the way down the hall (and the door in his room was closed). It broke my heart and I started to cry.

I told Lesley I needed to just leave, because hearing him cry was too much. I wanted to head to Trader Joe's to get some mini apples for Gus, some snap peas, and to look around. So we headed over together.

I also got Gus some ABC cookies. I was surprised at how affordable Trader Joe's was. I was always under the impression that it was super expensive, but it wasn't bad at all.

We then headed to Jason's Deli for lunch. It was nice to be close to the school, but also out where I could just relax. I had never been to Jason's Deli. I really liked the food. Next time I'll try the salad bar.
Lesley and Hugh at lunch

He's so handsome!

At 11am I got an email from Karen letting me know that Gus had calmed down and was doing okay. It made me feel better. 

Lesley and I stayed at Jason's Deli until 12:00 and then we headed back to pick up the boys. I was so anxious to see Gus and was praying that when we got there he wasn't crying. 

When we got to the door, Lesley peeked in and found Logan and Gus playing together. Gus was still wearing his coat from this morning. I looked in and he looked happy. :-)
His classroom door

Around 12:25, his teacher peeked out the window and then opened the door and Gus burst out and said, "MAMA!!!" He ran into my arms and I picked him up. He was SO HAPPY to see me!!! His teacher said, "See Gus, mama always comes back for you!!" It was perfect.

He was just so excited to see me and he said hi to Hugh. One of his little friends brought out his backpack and lunch to him and he was excited to say goodbye to Mrs. Joanie.

Walking out with Logan and Lesley

We got to the car and he was excited to get home!

His teacher said that it usually takes two full weeks (four classes) before the kids will start to "warm up" if they haven't been to school before. She said he had a good day and she loves having him in class. He said goodbye to her, so I took that as a good sign. I am just thankful that he was able to calm down once I left.

We got home and I looked in his lunch and saw that he didn't eat any of it. He did drink his juice though. So he had lunch at the table and Hugh and I joined him. Once he finished, we headed into the living room where he decided to help me feed Hugh.

It was  a great day. I'm eager to see how Thursday goes!!


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Congrats mama! He will love it! We had the opposite reaction I drop baby girl off and she has never shed a tear. I cried to my mom because she didn't care ;).

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