Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day Two of Preschool

Taken yesterday-- totally ready to go to school!

Today was Gus's second day of preschool and while it was better than Tuesday, it still wasn't great. We'll get there, I'm certain.

I'll start with yesterday. 

I had a lunch event with my MOMS Club, and so at 10:20 I told Gus that he needed to start getting ready so we could leave by 10:30. He immediately went into the kitchen and grabbed his backpack and lunch box and brought them into the living room and said "backpack." I told him that he didn't need his backpack because he wasn't going to school until tomorrow. He didn't seem to understand that school isn't every day.

We went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch and got to see a lot of our friends that we haven't seen in forever. Many of my friends got to meet Hugh and I enjoyed passing him around the table while I had a chance to eat and focus on Gus. At one point, my friend Kirsten (due in a month) was down at the end of the table holding Hugh and all the littles were around her admiring Hugh. It was so sweet.

Then to my right were Logan and Gus... blissfully happy with their Apple devices and oblivious to the fact that there was an adorable baby to oogle at.
Taking after their fathers???

We came home and I was able to take these two adorable pictures of Hugh:

Starting to smile at us  :-)

Last night, Hugh slept for SEVEN HOURS!!!! It was glorious and well-deserved and much-needed!!! Gus slept from 8:30-8:30 and I was delighted that he got 12 hours!

This morning we got ready for school and he was excited. We drove through the rain (AGAIN) and arrived right at 9:30. He was excited to carry his backpack into school, was fine entering the church, but as soon as we headed toward his classroom, he started crying.

I walked him into his class and took off his coat and put his backpack and lunch into his cubby and he was crying. His teacher grabbed him and moved him and I left. I could hear him crying through the closed door and my heart ached.

I noticed the bulletin board outside their room changed. There were snowmen and I saw one that Gus made. He must have made it on Tuesday and it made me smile. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
Gus's is on the top row... going left to right, it's the third one

Upclose- I love that his smile is crooked. All the other smiles are normal... Gus's is different and I love it!

Lesley and I headed to grab something to eat-- we grabbed bagels at this awesome bagel place. I was able to feed and change Hugh and then we headed to the Forum. She had coupons for Bath & Body Works and so I got a few things. We then headed to Trader Joe's and I grabbed some milk and other goodies to take home.

We got to the school at 12:20 and headed down the hall. I didn't hear Gus crying (always a good sign) and when Lesley peeked in the window, Gus was right at the door. The teacher peeked out and motioned for me to come in. When I opened the door, Gus was on the other side and was standing there crying. :-(

I picked him up and he stopped after a minute and calmed down. Mrs. Joanie rubbed his back while she talked to me about his day. She said he was still cautious, but he had a good day. I told her that he was so excited yesterday and she said it's typical for him to want to come and know it's fun, but still want to be with me.

She said that it's a testament to the bond that he and I have and that he is incredibly loved and loves me. She said she wishes that all kids had that and eventually he'll learn to trust them and to trust that it's okay to have fun and that I will be back.

We said our goodbyes and headed home.

I think Tuesday will be even better than today and hopefully a week from today will be the best yet!

We're supposed to go do something with the kids in his preschool class tomorrow. It'll be nice to meet the other moms and to give Gus a chance to play with his new friends in an environment where I'm there too and he's more comfortable. If it doesn't snow and ice up overnight, I should be able to go.


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