Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Month of Gratitude: Day 20

Day 20: My Little Boys

Sometimes I forget to stop and savor the moment I'm in. 

A good friend of mine posted a blog about her kiddos being littles and how thankful she is to be home with them and enjoying them being little. It struck a chord and brought me to tears. I am never going to have my sweet boys at this age again.

I cry every time I look back on pictures of Gus from his first few years. It seems forever ago and he's changed so much in just a few short years. I see his sweet pictures and a flood of memories come back to me. I remember when...

It made me think that all those feelings are going to happen again when I look back at today's pictures of Gus and Hugh. I'll cry and say, "Remember when Gus was 3.5 and Hugh was just starting to walk?" Those moments are today and I'm thankful to be in this time of my life with my boys.

Tomorrow is not promised to us and at any moment, life can drastically change. I'm reminded of this when I see Tripp Halstead and see how in a flash his life was changed forever. I'm thankful that my boys are healthy and happy, and little.

I love seeing the new things that they do each day, and each time I see them do something new, it also makes me a bit sad. I know there will be a day when they don't want me to kiss their owies, and they won't want to sit on my lap and "'nuggle." I pray that they never shut me out of their lives and I pray that we're always close. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures taken between yesterday and today of my two littles.

 "Look, mama... the moon!"

 Super Gus

Thankful for my sweet, little tiny, itty bitty boys.


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