Friday, December 06, 2013

A Month of Gratitude: Day 29

Day 29: My Minivan

I've always wanted a minivan. It was a dream vehicle that I couldn't wait to get because I knew there'd be children inside. When we were facing our infertility problems head-on, it was one of the things that I would see on a daily basis (couldn't escape it) that would remind me of what I didn't have and couldn't attain for myself. KIDS.

Gus came into our lives and I was driving my Ford Edge, also my dream car. I loved Chuck Dio. It was such a fun car to drive and was great for one kid. But then Hugh came along and I soon realized that I was really wanting NEEDING a minivan. I needed sliding doors and space.

After endless nagging and complaining and constantly bringing it up, the final straw came one day while picking Gus up from preschool. I was boxed into my Edge and literally couldn't get the boys into the car. I had to put them in the very back (trunk) and then I crawled through and drove the Edge forward so I could get the doors open. I was irrate and DONE with a car without sliding doors.

That night I found my car.

It had everything that I wanted in a van. It was perfect and beautiful and actually less than the payments on my Edge. We went the next day and got it.

I am so thankful to have my van. Not only do I absolutely love driving it, but I love riding in it. Our trips have been so nice because there's a TON of room. I love that we can put the boys, us, and three other adults in the car and can go places. It's been nice for visits with my parents and Steve's dad and Sue Ann. We can all ride together in our van.

I absolutely love my "swagger wagon" and am thankful that I have two kids and a husband that fill my vehicle and my heart with love.


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