Thursday, December 05, 2013

A Month of Gratitude: Day 28

Day 28: Thanksgiving Together

I'm so thankful that we were able to make it home to see my brother Dave and his family. They live in Arizona and don't come back to Michigan all the time, but when they do, we try to get home so we can see them. This year, they were able to come home for the month of November and we were able to spend Thanksgiving together.

We had a wonderful dinner and spent some great time before dinner talking and laughing and the kids had fun playing together. My mom wanted some pictures of all the grandkids and her kids so we did our best (Gus was not cooperating due to being exhausted from waking at 4:45 for the Turkey Trot).

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our Thanksgiving together.
 I got to meet my newest niece, Zoey (my twin's baby)

 My niece Aine is the best... she loves babies and was loving her time with Hugh

 Hugh talking to Uncle Dave

 My niece Lily also loves babies and was really excited to feed Hugh

 Right before dinner, Gus passed out

 Some of us ate here, and the rest ate in the dining room

 Oh, Uncle Steve

 Hugh was not sure if he wanted to eat dinner or just watch everyone else

 My mom, Mary Breeding (family friend), my dad, and Francine (family friend)

 Hugh kept poking Charlie in the eyes, so she went and got her goggles so he couldn't poke her ;-)

 She's 2.5 and Hugh weighs more and is almost the same height as her

 My nephew Benton playing with Charlie and Hugh

 Hugh hanging out with Mary (Mary was my Grandma Ghrist's best friend and neighbor for YEARS and still lives on the street behind where my grand parents used to live)

It was getting late, so we woke Gus and then took some family pictures.
 All nine of the grandkids (and a screaming Gus)

 My twin brother Scott and his family

 My brother Dave and his family

 My family

 Me with Hugh and my SIL Heather and our niece Lily

 Sibling picture

 Trying to recreate this picture:
(If we had the picture to look at, we could have nailed it)

The spouses

It was such a wonderful Thanksgiving. Probably the best one that I've had in many many years. There's something so special about being around family and celebrating a holiday surrounded by your siblings. 

It's in these moments that I cannot understand what it would be like to be an only child. I'm sure only children think it's great to not have siblings, as you can't miss what you've never had, but I can't imagine not having my brothers in my life.

Not only do I have two brothers, but they have families and I love spending time with all of them together. I love watching Gus and Hugh with their cousins, and watching each of my brothers children playing together. It's one of the greatest joys I've ever known.

I can only imagine how much this Thanksgiving meant to my parents. To have all three of their kids home with their families to celebrate a holiday together... something that hasn't happened in YEARS... truly awesome.

I told Steve as we were leaving that I think I might want to go back home next Thanksgiving. I hated the cold, but I really loved the warmth that being around family provided.


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