Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 234

August 22nd, 2010
August 22nd, 2011

This morning, Gus woke me up around 6:45 and I was desperate to sleep longer. He was fussing so I got up and headed toward his room. I decided to grab my phone and see if I had properly synced it, and while I was looking, the fussing had stopped. I decided to open my email, and then check the "Gus Cam" to see what he was doing. He had fallen back asleep-- and I was wide awake.

I was able to work more on my Medical Word Building module, and then he got up. We headed downstairs and had breakfast and then he played. I didn't get too many pictures of him today...

Here are two more pictures (like the one above) of him playing in the laundry basket (where we keep toys):

While Gus took his morning nap (he slept for over two hours) I worked on my module. My plan was to be able to finish the whole thing and take the module exam tonight. I got a 100% on root words, a 98% on prefixes, a 100% on suffixes and then a 91% on the overall module. The mistakes were from spelling typo's caused by problems with my keyboard... when I press certain buttons, they don't register on the screen (which causes MAJOR problems). I'm going to take Steve's old keyboard and see if it's any better.

Gus didn't take an afternoon nap... so he was extra loopy tonight. He did get some mail today... an autographed picture of Mickey Mouse that I sent away for a few months ago arrived. It was free, and I knew he'd love it.
More of the eBay items that I bought arrived today. There are a few more that I'm waiting on, but what came today were some pajamas (desperately needed) and pants (they're 24 months... a little bit big for now- plus it's not pants weather yet). I'm so glad I found the items that I did... you can't beat $0.99 for clothing and free shipping (some had $3.00 shipping).

Here are some pictures of Gus from a year ago:
Always able to get out of the swaddle!!

LOL I remember putting this 3-6mo outfit on him and it was too big!!  :(

I just love him so much!

Gus was NOT a fan of the Johnny Jumper-- never was. This was the first time we put him in it... and he HATED it. He was so tiny!!

Tonight I made salisbury steaks with mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn. It was yummy! After dinner, Gus was being extra loopy and decided to spin himself around over and over and over. Yes... he bit it and smacked into the floor. :(  Did it stop him? NO! He got right back up and kept on spinning! Here are two videos of him spinning...

We put Gus to bed and then I started back on my module. I am so glad that I finished it! Now I'm starting Grammar and Punctuation. I checked my progress to see if I'm on-track or behind and I'm in a GREAT spot! I've got until the 25th to finish this Grammar module and hopefully I can finish it tomorrow or Wednesday and be ahead of the curve. The next thing after this is Anatomy and Physiology (YUCK). I'm supposed to work on that while on vacation... so I'll take the text book, but I'm not sure how it'll go. I guess with 12 hours in the car, I should be able to get a lot done... we'll see.

I'm getting really anxious for our trip. I'm super excited to see my parents and for Gus to spend time with them, his birth family, and his aunt, uncle, and cousins. I've got friends that I'm super-duper excited to see too!! On the way up, we're going to stop and see Greta, Kevin and the boys, and it should be fun to watch Gus with Ben and Ayden. Then we get back in the car and it's only three hours until we're "home."  :D

Tomorrow I have nothing planned during the day, and then Gus and I are meeting Steve and Jen at Longhorn for dinner. :( I'm totally not ready to say goodbye to her... but I have to stay positive and think that we'll see each other again and (hopefully) stay in touch via facebook. She's not planning on returning to teaching, so maybe she'll have more time that she can spend updating all her friends back here in NC about what she's doing and the fun she's having. I can dream right? LOL

Alright... I'm off to start my Grammar and Punctuation module! Wish me luck!


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