Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #66

A Year of Gratitude #66: Our Basement

I am so thankful to have a basement. When we had the storms come through here on Friday, we were able to head down and were in a safe spot. 

Growing up, we didn't have a basement and when we had tornado warnings, we had to take cover in the hallway closet. While it was the safest spot in the house, it still wasn't "safe."

I'm so glad that not only do we have a basement, but it's finished and beautiful. When we lived in Canton, MI, we had thought about paying to finish the basement and it would have cost us about $20,000. We decided not to do it, and less than a month later, Steve had the interview with Burt's. It was a great decision NOT to finish the basement.

When we looked for houses in NC, NONE had basements. So we squeezed all our stuff into the house and it seemed like it was bursting with stuff from the floor to the ceiling.

Now that we're here in this house... it's like all the stuff that we have, fits perfectly. We have de-cluttered the house because we have room for everything. I'm sure there are things that we could should get rid of, but for now it's fine.

When I had the MOMS Club play group come over on Monday for our playdate, it was nice to have a place for everyone to go, that was large enough for seven mamas and kiddos, and not be sitting on top of each other.

I love our basement. I love the entertainment room... and I love the game/play room. I love that we have a guest room for family and friends and it's away from the rest of the house... it gives them a bit more privacy than in either of our previous homes.

I'm thankful that we were able to find this house, and that it has a beautiful basement that we get to enjoy daily.


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