Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #70

A Year of Gratitude #70: Family Movie Night

We had our very first Family Movie Night tonight and it was so awesome!! We spent the morning shopping at Costco and then came home and had lunch, Gus went down for his nap and I headed to Kroger for the rest of our groceries. 

When I got home and Gus woke up, we decided to use our free Hot-n-Read pizza coupon that our "Welcome Wagon" sent us. We got our pizza, took it downstairs, and watched a movie together in the entertainment room.

We just resubscribed to Netflix (after being gone for almost a year) and looked through the possibilities. We went to the comedies and found "Hot Tub Time Machine." I didn't think I'd like it. 


It was such a funny movie!! I laughed more during that movie than I have in a really long time! Gus played for a little bit, but mostly snuggled with us while we all watched the movie. After it was over, Gus and I watched "Scout and the Phonics Farm" which is a Leap Frog video about the ABCs and their sounds. It was cute and Gus really enjoyed it.

Here are some pictures from today:

Enjoying his pizza

Fun with Daddy

Watching from his chair

Scout and Violet!

After we put Gus to bed, I was able to take off another post-it from my monthly goal chart! We have our trip to MI and IN planned! 
 We're excited to head to the mitten in May and we're even going to have a joint birthday party for Gus and his cousin Charlie! She turns one on May 13 and Gus is turning two on May 11! It'll be so fun!!

I'm so thankful for our day today. I told Steve, "We should make every Saturday our Family Movie Night!" He said he didn't see why we couldn't do that! YAY!!


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