Friday, June 22, 2012

6-22-12 Buford Dam Park

Completely exhausted

We went to Buford Dam Park today with some friends and had a GREAT time! We left here around 9:30 and got there right at 10am. It was $4 for the car. Kirsten and Sam arrived just behind us, so we walked to the beach together from the parking lot.

Going to the beach, Kirsten had her stroller and offered to put my umbrella, bag with towels and his Puddle Jumper, two chairs, and bag on her stroller so all I had to do was carry the cooler. It was great!!

We arrived on the scene and Kathryn and Aubree were already there. The kids hit the water while we set up umbrellas and chairs. I'm SO glad that Gus's Puddle Jumper arrived yesterday-- it paid for itself today. He has zero fear when it comes to the water-- which is scary and exciting at the same time.

My friend Sheri arrived shortly after we did, with her two boys Hunter and Michael

He barely had lunch-- he was too excited and wanted to head back into the water!

He went past the orange buoy SEVERAL times and ended up getting TWO time outs because of his choices!!! It didn't bother him one bit to be in water OVER HIS HEAD and floating

Enjoying a snack

Lake Lanier

We had a 2:00 mobile groomer appointment for Ned and I wanted to be home by 1:30. I thought that we'd need to leave no later than 1:00 to get home on time. At like 12:30, Kathryn started packing up and when she said she was leaving, I decided to start getting Gus ready too.

By the time I had everything packed up... I realized that I was going to have to carry everything myself, because Kirsten wasn't leaving yet. She offered to let me use her stroller, but I had Gus and the cooler and it wasn't possible to carry everything.

It was so hot as I was trekking over the beach. I had to stop numerous times to catch my breath because I was exhausted. I didn't want to have heat stroke or a heart attack... so I took my time, but it resulted in me taking more than 20 minutes to reach the car.

When I got near the car, I told Gus (who had refused shoes and was barefoot) to wait so I could pick him up (the asphalt was black and VERY hot)... he didn't listen and ran across to the car. He started screaming because his feet were burning and I had to drop everything to get to him. It was a mess.

THEN... when I did get to him, I noticed that he had poop running all down his legs (not all the way to the ground yet). I put him in the back and as I was trying to get a diaper and a wipe, he decided to close the lift gate on me... totally cracked me in the head. 

I got his swim diaper off (BTW-- they don't absorb anything so everything oozed out of the diaper) and it was a gigantic heap of explosive diarrhea. I presume it was from swallowing lake water. It was so gross and he was so upset.

It was a traumatic ending for both of us.

I got him cleaned up, and got him in the car and while it cooled off, I got him some cold water from the cooler and a snack and he was happy to have Mickey on the DVD player and sip on some cold water. I cleaned up the poo-tastrophy and then finally got loaded into the car. It was 1:15.  I had left the beach at 12:40.

It's a good thing that we left when we did. I got home right at 1:45 and had just enough time to change and cool off before the groomer arrived.

Overall it was a fantastic day. I think for the future... I might go with a smaller cooler. I don't know. It was a lot to carry and I was exhausted just from making the trek back to the car from the beach. Now I'm really tired and ready for bed.

Tomorrow, Steve is taking Gus to his first Gymboree class. It's just the two of them and I'm excited for Gus and Steve to have an activity just for them. It'll be SOOOOO weird to be home alone without either of them here.


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