Sunday, July 27, 2014

Haw Creek Park (7-24-14)

I was asked by Atlanta Parent to go to a park that I had not been to yet, and to take pictures, videos, and do a write-up for their September edition.

I posted on my MOMS Club® group and asked if anyone wanted to come check it out with me, and thankfully, my friends Ann and Brittany decided to meet me there.

When I arrived in the parking lot, my immediate thought was, "Um... where's the playground?" The parking lot was empty and there was nothing around that looked like a playground was anywhere near. 

Ann and I looked at the map, and found that there was a play area behind the picnic pavilion. We headed over that way, and still didn't see a playground. As we entered the woods, by following the path, I saw three "pods" that resembled the play structure of the soft play area at the mall, but it wasn't soft, or padded, or in the mall. LOL.

We were in the woods, and it was pretty isolated. Ann and I agreed that there was a feeling of isolation that neither of us were 100% comfortable with. It's not the kind of place that you'd want to go to by yourself. Not that it's dangerous, it's just very isolated and if something were to happen and you needed help, good luck if you're alone. Also, someone could be a creeper in and be in the woods and you'd be no where near anyone else to hear you or help you.

The kids had fun though, and they enjoyed being able to pretend and explore and let their imaginations take them on adventures in each pod. For that, I think this park is incredible and it's something I'd love to see more of!!

The log with a net to climb was a big hit

This was an enormous log that had a few windows

There was a mama bear to climb on (this is Ann)

And then two cubs to climb on too

Hugh inside the enormous log

Gus on the mama bear

Hugh climbing on a log in the middle pod

The middle pod had giant pine cones, big leaves, bugs, and sticks to climb on

An airplane was flying overhead

The final pod had giant acorns and then big rock formations

There were a lot of mosquitoes and we were not prepared-- we all got a few bites'

Back to the enormous log

It made for quite the adventure and I'm happy that I went and saw it for myself. I think I got some cute pictures from it too, so I was happy with that.  :-)


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