Sunday, July 27, 2014

MOMS Club® Tours Jet's Pizza

My MOMS Club chapter was supposed to do a pizza lunch at our local Uncle Maddio's pizza place, but they're closed for renovations. So as a last minute thing, we were able to set up a tour of Jet's Pizza.

Jet's Pizza is a Michigan-based company, and when I eat it, it reminds me of home. We don't order from there often because it's a solid hour for them to make it and deliver it, and can be quite pricey. However, their salads are incredibly delicious, and I love their ranch dressing (which I found out on the tour, that it's made in house, from scratch).

The tour was great and then after the tour, we were treated to pizzas and cinnamon bread. Both Gus and Hugh had a great time, and both ate two pieces of pizza (which for them is a lot of food)!!

I decided to wear Hugh and not have to worry about him running all over

Gus with his two buddies, Gage and Garner

Let the tour begin!

Every morning they make the dough and then they let it sit and rise

The flour and the dough mixer

The big cooler where they keep the dough cool

Two different bins of flour mix-- because the bread cooks differently based on if it's a deep-dish or round pizza

Look at all those boxes!

The oven

Showing the kids how they put toppings on a pizza

Always wash your hands!

It was a great tour and everyone had a great time!!



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