Friday, January 07, 2011

Day 7

Gus at Longhorn Steakhouse

Gus this morning

It's so funny to me how things work out as they're supposed to. So I had my interview this afternoon with Primrose Schools. It was a very positive interview and I really did enjoy talking to the director (Diane), but how I felt when I came out was so different from when I went in.

I wasn't "sure" that I wanted to work. I also wasn't "sure" that I wanted to stay at home. I do miss the classroom and miss being around adults and doing something that I feel so passionate about. However, when we were back in MI waiting to come home, I had a moment of "do I really want to stay at home?" I wasn't 100% about my decision and had even considered not turning in my resignation and trying to see if I could teach and be at home.

When the opportunity to interview came my way, I was confused about how I felt. As I posted yesterday, it was a 50/50 feeling about it. Well... I am not 1000000000% positive about how I feel about working and putting Gus in school.


So there were a few things that I was thinking about before the interview, and there were a lot of unknowns that I had. Here are a few:
  • Most importantly, can I stop in and see Gus during the day on my break/lunch time?
  • Is it worth it financially with the cost of tuition?
  • How much was tuition (it's not listed on their website-- always a bad sign--lol)
  • How long is the work day? How long would I be required to work?
  • What sort of training to they offer?
  • Can I bring a bit of myself to the classroom (frog theme, my own management, etc.)?
  • Can I do Scholastic Book Orders with my students and their parents (I am a teacher advisor)?
  • Do I have to do parent conferences?
  • What is the dress code for staff?
  • What vacation do I get? When is the building closed for vacations?
  • What's the difference between expectations for the toddlers (age 1-2) and pre-K (ages 4-5)?
Okay... so those were some of my questions. I've never taught anything younger than third grade (age 8-9) and wasn't sure of the difference, but knew that there is a HUGE difference between a third graders and a 4 year old. Would I really have the patience to work with such little people?

Like I said, the interview went well. Diane was awesome and easy to talk to. I do think I'm EXTREMELY over-qualified as far as my education. She said only a few of her staff members have their BS and none had a Masters. But here's the thing... the entire thing, ALL OF IT was about Gus. What was the absolute best thing for him? And I told her that... this whole process had to be about him and we were doing this together. If it wasn't going to be good for him, it wasn't going to happen.

Here's what I found out from my 45 minute interview:
  • I kick ass when interviewing. I honestly know my shit and have no problem conveying what I need to get across and can do so while painting myself as positively as possible.
  • I am not someone to ever work in the "business world." When I am ready to go back to work... it will be in a school.
  • Primrose would be charging me $1300 a month for Gus to attend their infant program.
  • As a staff member I'd receive a 20% discount (making my total $1,040 a month)
  • Being as educated as I am, I'd earn between $12 and $14 an hour and be expected to work 40+ hours a week.
  • The week between Christmas and New Year's is a paid week off for all staff. This is the ONLY week of vacation.
  • I'd get five sick/personal days for the year.
  • I would be expected to wear a uniform (Primrose polo with khakis and tennis shoes-- jeans on Friday only).
  • I would be expected to work evenings occasionally and any weekend events (parades, parties to promote the school, etc.).
  • I would be expected to do a DAILY progress report for each child in my care, as well as write a weekly and monthly newsletter, AND do parent conferences as needed.
  • I would be expected to give assessments for the pre-k children (if I did pre-k) and would be measured by my growth from pre and post assessments.
  • Primrose would pay 50% of MY (and only my) health insurance.
  • I would NOT be allowed to bring in a classroom theme of my own (everything is uniform there), and I'd be expected to follow the Primrose management and curriculum for my teaching.
  • I would NOT be allowed to stop in and see Gus during the day, as it would "disrupt his learning."

Seriously... you're effing kidding me, right? Who in their right mind would look at any of the above and say, "I'm absolutely excited about this job!"?? I do NOT have to work... and even if I did, I would NOT look at those requirements and then the $12-$14 per hour pay and be excited about the offer. NO WAY JOSE!!!

So, I walked in the door not sure about how I felt about staying at home, and thought it'd maybe be a good opportunity for both myself, and Gus, and then walked out SO SOLID on my decision to stay home with him. I am NOT willing to lose one minute of one day of time with him, for something that's not worth it at all. No amount of money is worth losing time with him that CANNOT be gained back.

I had to wonder why this opportunity came my way in the first place, and then I realized it was so that I could be at peace with my decision to be a SAHM with him. I thought about him the whole time I was there, and then couldn't wait to get home and see him. It would be AGONY to be in the same building as him and not be able to see him.

Diane asked me, "What would you do if you were on your break, and you came to the office and saw that I had Gus and he was crying?" I said, "I'd come over and get him and see what's going on." Then she said, "What if it just got worse and you had to go back to your own class and continue teaching. Could you do that?" I said, "No, I don't think I could just leave him." Then she asked, "What would you do if while walking past his classroom, you looked in and saw him crying and upset, but you were with your kids? What would you do?" I said, "I honestly don't know. My first job is being his mom and I can't just throw that away." That was the answer that she wasn't looking for, but the one that sealed the deal for me.

So, I am at peace. I am head over heels in love with my beautiful baby boy and will be so happy to just be his mom for the next five years. When it's time for him to go to school and for me to go back to work... I will be heading back to WCPSS where I can teach 3rd, 4th, or 5th graders, and actually feel like I know what I'm doing!!

Until tomorrow...


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I am glad you were able to determine what you want and solidify your decision.

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