Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Day 5

Today was a lot of fun! It started out with Gus sleeping all the way through the night (YAY) and then we got dressed and headed out with Wendy and the girls to drop K off at pre-school. Then we headed to Amie's house for a Triangle Mommie's breakfast playdate. There were so many moms there with their little ones it was fantastic! Grace was there with Kristen so Gus had a little buddy to play with.

We stayed at Amie's until a little after noon and just laughed and had a great time. There are some weird-os in the group and I just gave Wendy a few looks and she knew exactly what I was thinking.

After the playdate we headed back out to get K from pre-school and then went to Wendy's for lunch. I think we did well with our budgets (Wendy is on a budget too) and then we came back here for some REAL fun. We organized, cleaned, sorted, and beautified my pantry, refrigerator, and lazy-susan. It was exhausting, but so worth the time and energy. I could not have done with without Wendy and her vision (LOL).

Tonight I made this baked pasta supreme dinner from e-Mealz and it was WONDERFUL!!! So yummy!!

We put Gus to bed at seven tonight because he was super tired from our busy day with friends. I hope tomorrow is more calm and back to our usual routine. I'm babysitting the girls tomorrow and then Friday, Kristen and I are taking Gus and Grace to Greensboro for the Bodies Revealed exhibit (I can't wait)!!

Until tomorrow...


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I had so much fun today, as always! I love when we look at each other and know exactly what the other is thinking!

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