Monday, January 03, 2011

Day 3

So this evening went better than last night did. Holy smokes was it bad last night! Gus was cranky ALL DAY but then we got to right before seven and he was a beast, so Steve took him upstairs to go to bed. Well, Mr. Gustafer Gustafson was not having any of it! He cried and SCREAMED his little head off (I think if he were talking, he'd be hoarse due to the amount of screaming he did). So after twenty-five minutes or so, I came up to releive Steve, and then we gave him some Motrin for the teething. Well... he didn't care who was coming to rescue him, he cried and screamed just as loud (if not louder) with me!

So... this went on until about 8:20 and then Steve brought him into our room and we snuggled on the bed (the three of us) and he was finally happy. I think the Motrin had finally kicked in. We were so scared to try bedtime, but fortunately he went down pretty quickly. Unfortunately, it was well after nine by the time he went to bed.

This caused for Gus to sleep until about nine this morning (which was fine by me)! We had a pretty good day... he was happy most of the day and when he started to get cranky, it was because he was tired. He took two good naps and was so cute in his bath tonight.

After his bath we cuddled on our bed and then we took him to his room for lotioning and swaddling. Here's a picture from cuddle time on the bed:

It's been a long day... here's to hoping that he actually sleeps through the night and has a good day tomorrow!! I'll be posting on his blog tomorrow too since it's Tuesday. Be sure to check back here to see what I wrote and his blog as well!

Until next time...


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