Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 285

October 12th, 2010 (First picture taken with my new camera)

October 12th, 2011



Gus got up at 5:30 and from 5:30-6:00 he was somewhat quiet but not asleep. He ended up being fully awake at 6:00 and had a HUGE blow-out (totally TMI- sorry). Our morning was extremely long and by 8:30 I was exhausted. 

We headed over to Kristen's at 9:00. I almost cancelled, but took it as a positive to have Gus and Grace play and give me some "down-time" to relax a little. Kristen was feeling the same way about Grace, so we bitched to each other, laughed a lot, and had a great morning. Here are some pictures that I took (Kristen took more with her camera that are better, but she hasn't had a chance to send them to me).

On the way home... trying to sleep

He got a few minutes of shut-eye

I had Taco Bell for lunch. What do you notice about this cup that's strange???

The other side of the cup

Gus and I ate lunch and then headed upstairs for nap-time. He refused to fall asleep. He pretty much fought the nap until about 2:30 and then he slept for about an hour or so. NOT long enough.

Action shot of him spinning and falling!

Me and Gussy

 Steve got home at 5 and brought dinner. We had Mamma Mia's carry out. It was delicious!! After dinner, Gus wanted to dress up like Elmo, so Steve helped him into the costume. Here are some pictures of Gus:

All was fun until Gus fell. Then Steve had to cuddle him.  :-)

So it was a really long day and I'm thankful that it's about to be my bedtime. There's a new OS for my iPhone and I'm trying to upgrade, but it's saying it's a four-hour process. I'll have to leave it on overnight and hope that it worked in the morning.

I did get some GREAT news this afternoon! So, you all know that I'm a Scholastic Teacher Advisor (see my blog from February 2010 to see pictures from my trip to NYC), and I've been able to stay on and do book reviews, even though I'm not teaching. Well... I recently found out that they have a Mom & Dad Squad. These parents from across the US get books to read and review and act like Teacher Advisors, but they're parents.

So Liz, she's the Book Clubs Head-Honcho (yes, her official title), sent an email to the TAs asking us to start posting our reviews on the Book Clubs teacher pages as well as emailing them to her. I contacted her because now that I'm not teaching, I don't have access to the Book Club anymore. I asked her about the Mom & Dad Squad and she wrote back immediately and said it'd be a BRILLIANT move to put me on the squad!!

She sent me an email asking me for information about myself and Gus and then told me that she's got my books for November in the mail for me to read to Gus and review! I'm so excited to get books for him and be able to share my love of reading with other parents!!! Here's the LINK for information on the Mom & Dad Squad!

Tomorrow I've got Suzanne coming to clean and then Gus and I are heading to Target to get my glasses (they're in) and then get him some pajamas!! I'm excited!!


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