Sunday, October 09, 2011

Day 282

October 9th, 2010

October 9th, 2011

I woke up this morning to the aroma of the world's best ham and cheese hashbrown casserole. :-)

I went downstairs and just as I arrived, Steve was pulling the casserole out of the oven to cool. My timing was perfect!! He's such a good husband... he takes the most ordinary days and turns them into extraordinary days!! I am luckier than I deserve to be.

We had breakfast and watched SNL from last night. I have to say, this season is starting off on a great foot and I found Ben Stiller to be a funny host. The opening monologue was hilarious with Willy Wonka and a whole song about jews (for the holiday). It was really funny.

It was time for Gus's morning nap, and while he napped, I checked out more houses online. I think we're firing our realtor in GA and getting someone new. We've been doing more work than she is and she's the one who is supposed to be working for us. Anyway, I did find a few more houses that I like. I have one that's a definite favorite and it's close enough for Steve. It's one of the few that we both like. Click HERE for a link to the listing. Click HERE to see the other one that's one of my top favs (not sure if Steve likes this one or not).  Lastly, this HERE is my other that's a top three pick.

Anyway, we can (and have) spend hours looking online, only to not agree on what we like as far as location. Steve doesn't want to drive more than 20 minutes and most of what I find and like are 30 minutes out. I feel like if I'm willing to let go of the notion of a pool (which was a MUST HAVE item), he should be willing to bend as well. So far, he's only liking the homes that are older, not physically attractive (to me), and it's not easy. SIGH.

After Gus got up from this three-hour nap, we had lunch and I got the pumpkins out and got everything ready for carving. It was a lot of fun to carve them and have him get to "gut" his first pumpkin!!

I decided to do a Mickey Mouse pumpkin for Gus

It's not as pretty as I would have liked... but it's not bad for doing it free-hand

I did the Bengals "B" for Steve (he's a HUGE fan)

Gus got to help "gut" this one!

Notice the seed in mid-air next to his elbow??

Steve came in and helped Gus (can't you tell by the way he's looking at Steve, that he adores him????)

I just love this picture!!! So much curiosity, wonder, and awe!!

The finished result

My pumpkin (I think it's cute)

The 2011 Walker Pumpkins

After we carved and got all cleaned up, we watched the Bengals win (YAHOO!!!) and while we were watching the game, Gus decided to explore the house. Usually this isn't a big deal, after all, it IS his house too and he's free to roam. However, he came into the livingroom and decided to give Steve a special treat that he found... a cat turd from the litterbox. 


I grabbed Gus and ran him into the bathroom to wash his hands before he decided to taste them... and Steve took care of the gift. LOL

I was able to go online and find an incredible DIY website for furniture building! I sent an email with links to my dad and FIL asking if either of them would like to make Gus a bed. Since I'm not handy with tools/wood, I thought I'd ask them. I hope one of them will do the honors. Then I also found the DIY instructions for a safety tower that I'd like to use with Gus while I'm cooking. He's more and more interested and the tower that I found sells for $200. I emailed Steve's dad to see if he'd like to make it, but if he says no, I will ask my dad. One of the two of them will hopefully make it since they're both excellent with carpentry!!!

Tomorrow we have a playdate with Lacey and the triplets. It should be fun. Then Tuesday we have our last class for The Little Gym. I'm going to sign Gus up for an additional month, since we'll be here through Thanksgiving. :)

Here are some pictures of Gus from a year ago:

See you tomorrow!!  Oh-- leave me some comments about the houses that I posted links to... I'd love to hear what you think about them!!


Proud Mama said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Cool pumpkins. Will they really last until Halloween. Ours only last a day or so. They rot, which is very spooky and gross!

My house advice is purely practical. I would drive the areas. With traffic will it really be 20 mins or is it really more. I like fenced backyards, because the kiddos can go and play while I make dinner, etc without me worrying about them. It may not be a concern now, but eventually Gus can play outside in the backyard by himself. Is there room for a climber or fort? White cabinets show loads of dirt. Dirty hands touch everything especially when they are small. I am constantly wiping fingerprints and muck off the walls. I noticed one was called a lifestyle community. Do the each have access to a community pool. I know a poll was the top of your list. Personally I like older homes also. They seem to really be built well, have charm and a history. Of the ones you listed, I say they are all nice and would work. You just need to find which one feels right for you three.

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