Saturday, October 08, 2011

Day 281

October 8th, 2010
October 8th, 2011

This morning I didn't get to sleep in (boo) and had to get up and ready for Amie's baby shower. I was about to pull up to Laura's house (she hosted) when I had a moment of sadness... mainly self-pity, but sadness that I'll never know what it's like to have a baby shower.

When we adopted Gus, we were in MI with him for two months. When we came home, the nice people that Steve works with threw us a shower, but it was a 30 minute co-worker break with cake and some gifts. Don't get me wrong, it was nice. But it's not the same as when someone's pregnant and everyone ooohs and ahhs over the teeny-tiny clothes and the mystery of what the baby will look like, and best of all, when they'll make their appearance.

Anyway, I was so thankful that there weren't any games at this shower. There were a few comments about how ready Amie was to get the baby out of her, and I just looked away and secretly wanted to say, "At least YOU got pregnant and are having a baby!! QUIT COMPLAINING and enjoy this SO VERY SPECIAL thing that YOU are able to be apart of!!!" 


Here's the picture of the gift that I made her. She cried when she opened it, which is a wonderful reaction. She found it to be as beautiful and touching as I did. Though, for me... it's a bit heartbreaking because I can't ever say the words to another human being.
Everyone there loved it and made comments about how beautiful it was.  :)   I also gave her a bag full of Mama Bee, Baby Bee and other Burt's Bees goodies. She was overjoyed to have some Burt's Bees products since I've never given her any! Everyone there was talking about how much they love Burt's and asked how I could afford so much... they were even more excited when I said that Steve works there. And then I added, "For five more days..." and they all asked if I was going to be sad to say goodbye to all the goodies.  :)

A week from today Steve will be unemployed (for two days) and we're going to go to dinner Friday night to celebrate the ending of an era and the beginning of a new adventure.

While at the shower, I was talking to another Triangle Mommies mom, and she said I could borrow her DVD player for our trip to GA on November 4th. It's so sweet of her to let us borrow it!! Hopefully it'll keep Gus somewhat occupied since I won't be able to sit back there with him and keep him busy. Six hours isn't awful... but it could be pure hell if he's screaming the whole way.

When I got home from the party, Gus was sleeping still from his 10:00 nap. It was 12:30. He slept until 1:00 (yes... three hours today for a nap!!) and we had lunch and then headed to the mall to do some shopping.

We got me a new belt... and I tried on jeans (like eight pairs) and nothing fit right. I'll have to stick with Old Navy I guess (cheaper anyway). We went to a few different stores and eventually got Steve a suit at Penny's for under $125!! Then we headed out of the mall and went to Kohl's for some shirts for Steve and then he found some shirts (polos) on sale for like $10 each!! I got Gus some slipper socks and they had books and stuffed animals for $5 and they had the polar bear from "On the Night You Were Born" (they had the book too but we already have it). We got him the bear and he was hugging it and loving on it the whole time I was shopping.  :)

Parked him in front of a triple mirror... kept him super busy!

On our way home we stopped at Arby's for dinner (meh) and then I had to run into Chick-Fil-A to get the picture taken of me and Gus at the date knight... well... that took forever. No one could find the book with the pictures and when they finally DID find the book, our picture wasn't even in there!  :(  I sent them an email about it and hopefully someone can get to the bottom of it!!

I hope the Tigers win tonight, but it's not looking good. See you tomorrow! We're going to carve pumpkins... I'll take pictures with my camera and post tomorrow! I'm leaving you with pictures from a year ago... so cute!!
I can't believe how little he looks in this chair!!


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