Monday, October 03, 2011

Day 276

October 3rd, 2010

October 3rd, 2011

Today was a pretty good day! When I went in to get Gus... Batman was 1/2 naked and ready to take his costume all the way off. LOL

We headed downstairs and had breakfast and then we headed over to Kristen's for a playdate with Lacey and her girls. I took some GREAT pictures and I am IN LOVE with my new lens!!! I didn't get as many cute shots of Gus today, but I got a ton of great shots of Lacey's girls and Grace.
G2 at the door watching Lacey unload the girls

I just really like this one!
I think this is an INCREDIBLE picture of Nathan!!

I love how the picture is focused on Lacey... so pretty!

Reagen was giving a hug to Hadley and mama

I like how Gus is the focus on this one and the others are blurry

Of course he loves his sippy!

The Fab Five!

Reagen was laying down and I took this of her... it's my favorite of the day!

Gus put his hand out as I was taking a picture of Hadley-- I think it turned out cute

I like how "sweet" this one looks...

Gus and his girls watching his favorite show

G2  too cute!

Plotting something I'm sure...

Enjoying his Mum Mum


Trying to escape the box

This one made me giggle

We left Kristen's around 1:00 and came home and had lunch. Gus was falling asleep in the car, but after lunch he had a burst of energy and was playing. He decided to call it quits around 2:00 and it was naptime. I live for naptime.

Around 4:45ish Steve got home and was in the garage on a call with his new company. We got some AWESOME news... he starts on the 17th but can stay here until he leaves for NYC and then can come back here after the summit. He'll then be able to work from home that following week, so we'll still be together!! He won't have to report to Atlanta until the last week of October.  :)

We got our first batch of homes to look at from our realtor and it was quite interesting. There were some that were AMAZING and then some that just sucked. I picked seven that I REALLY liked and then there are a few more that are "possibles" and then I eliminated about 15 or so. All of the ones that I love are really incredible. They have beautiful finished basements, kitchens with double-ovens, and the most amazing swimming pools. Some even have hot tubs attached to the pools. We're going to be able to find our dream home... I just feel it.  There was one... and let me just say that it has three walk-in closets in the master bedroom suite AND a two-sided fireplace!!!  :D

Once Gus woke up, he and I went downstairs for a few minutes and then had to leave for our "Chick-Fil-A Mother Son Date Knight" at 5:30. We had reservations and I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't know if dinner was included (it was not), but I was prepared either way. We got there and placed our order, then a knight led us to a table, and then brought our food to us. We had a great dinner and loved seeing all the other moms and sons... it was very sweet. They gave each son an inflatable sword and Gus was beyond excited to get one!! He did NOT like the Chick-Fil-A cow (a person in a cow costume)... and was freaked out by him.

We had our picture taken and Gus put on a knight helmet and costume for the picture. I can't wait to see how it turned out. Here are some pictures from our very first (of many I'm sure) date night:
The cow was wearing a knight costume :)

Keeping his eyes on the cow

The knight bringing out dinner to the moms and sons

Decorations (each table had a balloon with a cow stuffed animal as a weight... we took ours home)

Gus and his sword

We got two shakes and came home to see Steve. We watched Glee while we had our shakes. I must say... I am NOT pleased with the adoption story-line... very unrealistic and Quinn is now determined to get her baby back (that she placed for adoption at the end of the year last season). I'm disappointed that teens/adults watching will think that this is something that can be done- it's not. If there's a risk period, that's the only time a birthmother or father can change their mind. Once the period of risk is over, unless there's something going on in the home (which you have to have post-placement visits with a social worker to ensure that it's all good), there's no way for a biological parent to change their mind.

I'm hoping that the writers of the show REALLY do some homework and tell the tale of adoption with some reality mixed in. I'd hate for the show to really paint it in a negative light and make it appear like it was back in the dark ages when adoption was something to be ashamed of. We'll see.

Anyway... tomorrow we're going to Little Gym and Steve is coming with us! I can't wait!! Then we're going to Target so I can get my current Rx put into my old frames... and then we have a meeting with a potential realtor here in NC to sell our house.

Should be a fun day!!


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