Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Day 277

October 4th, 2010

October 4th, 2011

Tuesdays are always crazy days for me... and today was no exception. We got up and went to The Little Gym! Gus was so happy to have Steve there with him. I felt a little sad that he didn't really want me there, but I know it's important for him to have these times with Steve. They're rare and we're so very blessed that Steve was able to come today and actually share the joy of TLG with Gus. I'm sure there are TONS of dads that would love to come to a class or two with their kids but can't. It really was a lot of fun to watch Steve and Gus play together.
Warm-Up activity with a hula hoop!

Showing daddy his mad beam skills

Steve helped Gus on the uneven bars today!

They got out the parachute and Gus LOVED it!!!

Crawling through the tunnel

Walking across the double beam towards daddy

Playing on the parallel bars

Step 1: Get ready for a forward roll

Step 2: Bend the knees and tuck your head!

Step 3: Kick off and roll forward

Step 4: Laugh, clap and repeat!

Today was the first day that Gus was able to hang from the rings!!

Skill of the Week with Miss Allie: Hang from the bars, turn around, and land in the donut!

Gus and a friend on the spring-board

CRAZINESS right????

Together for the closing song... they sang Five Little Monkeys together <3

After we left TLG, we headed to Target and I was able to use a HUGE amount of our flexible spending on some glasses. I figure since we're about to move, the money we put into FS would just be wasted, so we went and I got my new lenses put into my old frames, another pair of frames and lenses, and then a new pair of Rx sunglasses! I'm excited to have them all come in and have some variety with my eyewear!

We stopped at Wendy's on the way home and had their new burger. It's called Dave's Hot and Juicy and it was DELICIOUS!!! The bun is buttered and toasted, the meat is thicker, the pickles are crinkled, and the onions are red instead of white. It was just to die for. AND... if you say, "Where's the Beef?" when you order, you get a free Frosty.  :D

We came home, had lunch, put Gus down for a nap, and then Mindy (she was our buyer's agent when we moved down here) came over to give us some info on selling. I'm not sure if we'll use her or not. I want someone that has a positive vibe and she was just kinda bringing me down. I get that it's a tough market, but don't make me feel like I can't sell my house. Be excited for all the great things that it is and tell me that you'll do what you can to sell it. I don't know... I'll be calling a few realtors tomorrow and see about having them come talk to us.

Steve talked to a few mortgage people to get the pre-approval process moving and then we talked to some movers. We're trying to get things moving as quickly as possible so that we can spend as much time together as a family and eliminate time spent apart.

I'm hoping that Steve can be here for Halloween and then on November 1st, he'll go to Atlanta and that Friday Gus and I can join him. Then maybe we'll head down for a week while he works, we'll do some house-hunting, I've got some potential playdates with moms down there, and we'll explore the area. Then we'll come back on the 12th and head to Gus's 18 month appointment that following week.

It's all up in the air and nothing is set, but ideally, we would be able to look and find a house that week, make an offer, and then be able to get moved shortly after.

After Gus got up, he and I watched tv on our bed and played while Steve was on the phone.
We went downstairs and played with the bubbles while I made salsbury steaks for dinner (so yummy). 

I took this sweet picture of Hobo:

I tutored Gulbike tonight and stayed up talking to them for an hour!! They left and I came up to blog. 

We're going to Amie's tomorrow morning for a playdate and I'm excited to just catch up with her. Her shower is this weekend and I'm excited to give her the gift that I made her.  :)

Here are pictures from a year ago:
MOMS Club Fire Station Tour

See you tomorrow!!


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