Sunday, October 02, 2011

Day 274

October 1st, 2010

October 1st, 2011


We had such a FABULOUS day today!! We started off by having some eggs and sausage for breakfast (so delish) and then we all got showers and ready to head to Wake Forest for some fun with our great friends Will and Adri.

Since October is my birthday month, Red Robin loaded my Red Rewards card with a free burger for my birthday. Steve saw a commercial the other day for the Octoberfest Burger (pretzel roll, burger with swiss cheese, black forest ham, lettuce, beer mustard and onions sauteed in beer mustard) and has been dreaming of it since. We thought it'd be good to drive to Wake Forest, have a light lunch (sharing the burger) and then head to Will and Adri's for the remainder of the day.

We even got two little birthday sundaes to-go for my birthday. :)  Thanks Red Robin!

We arrived at Will and Adri's a little after one and then we headed off to Hill Ridge Farms in Youngsville, NC. Now let me say, this isn't a place that we'd just normally just go to... it was over an hour away, but it was INCREDIBLE!!! I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone local. It's worth the drive!!

It was $10 each for admission and Gus was free. Included in our admission was the huge slide (we didn't do it because of the line), the play areas, the corn house, the hay house, all the animals, the fort (we didn't do that either), and then a hayride, pumpkin patch, and we each got to pick our own pumpkin (they're HUGE too)!! It was a GREAT value!!

Gus was excited to be outside (he did NOT take a nap this morning...)

Crazy goat!!

The slide (included in admission)

Roasted corn

The maze (included)

Will and Adri had fun watching Gus today

Family picture (thanks Adri) in the hay house!

Gus climbed Mt. Haystack and got to the top and panicked a bit. He wanted help but we kept encouraging him, and reassuring him that he could do it. He was able to get himself over with just a tiny bit of help from Steve

On the return trip up the mountain...

TOTALLY did it by himself!!!

Running through the tunnel under a haystack



The "famous" sleeping pose... I love it!!!


Hee hee 

Looks so natural doesn't it??

A new one for me-- ribbon fries

Funnel cake

Fried Oreos (YUMMMM)

Steve was excited!

It was incredible!

Me and Adri

Adri and Will on the hayride (An EXCELLENT picture of them if I do say so myself)


Gus wasn't sure which one to pick... there were so many to choose from!

Adri and a weird pumpkin


I love this one!

The pumpkins

So I ended up taking over 350 pictures and picked 100 to edit. Obviously they're not all on here... I'm going to upload them to my Cat Walker Photography blog. If you would like access to that blog, just let me know! It's private and invite only (for now anyway)...

After the hayride it was after 5 and we decided to head out. Gus had not napped all day and considering that he had not had a nap, he had a GREAT day!! He fell asleep in the car and we drove around for 35 minutes to give him at least a little bit of sleep before dinner.
We checked out Wake Forest... such a cute little town!!

Vietnam Memorial for Wake Forest

Gus started waking up, so we headed to Shuckers Oyster Bar for my birthday dinner! Steve and I had scallops (so good) and a filet and Gus had chicken fingers. It was a really yummy dinner surrounded by wonderful people. I am very blessed!!

We headed back to Will and Adri's, said our goodnights and headed home. We talked about the move and what we need to do tomorrow... the reality of moving has not yet hit us. The reality of Steve leaving for Atlanta and leaving us here, has not hit yet. Right now it's just a whirl-wind of excitement and potential... we're just basking in the glow of possibilities and adventure.

We hope that when we get to Atlanta, we're able to make friends that are as tremendous as Will and Adri. Sharing our adoption with them, and being there to support them while they wait for their darling deer has been amazing. They will be missed greatly, but we're certain that we'll see them again... they will come to Atlanta to visit and we'll all go to the aquarium together!!

Tomorrow's my birthday... I wonder what that day will bring!!! Happy Birthday to my twin brother Scott!!!

See you tomorrow!!


will + adri said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

So glad we got to spend the day with you guys yesterday! We had a super fun time at the farm and had a great dinner! We know you guys will be happy with your move to the big ATL and you'll find lots of friends in your new town! We'll be happy to come visit and anytime you guys want to come back to NC you can always stay here! We'll clearly stay in touch no matter where we all end up! Hugs!

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