Friday, October 07, 2011

Day 280

October 7th, 2010

October 7th, 2011 (Saying "Cheeeese")

Today was a great day for us!! Gus did wake up at 6:30 which was NOT fun for me... but we had a good morning and played and laughed. He started playing with his Elmo costume that Greta gave us, and put it on his head. I took some pictures with my phone, and then he wanted to wear it. So we put it on him and I took a few more and then had to take pictures with my camera. He's too cute for words.

Elmo is here!!!

He and I had way too much fun with this!!!

Gus took his morning nap and I looked through more houses. I told Steve, I feel like it's a never-ending list of homes and I need to be able to cut through the ones I like or don't like. He feels like that's Sherri's job (our realtor). She's not really cutting it, AND she's out for the entire next week and won't be available for anything. I feel like she's not doing anything for us... and we can find better.

Sue Ann sent Steve the name of a guy that's the husband of a friend of hers in Atlanta, and he's a realtor. We're probably going to give him a call. I just don't know about Sherri.

Anyway, Steve came home early today (YAY) and we had a great afternoon together as a family. We were able to look at a calendar and tried to create a schedule for us for the next few weeks. Turns out, we'll only be apart for about five days total between Monday (his start date at World 50) and Thanksgiving! Not too bad!!

Here's the timeline that I'm hoping works for us:
  • He starts working at World 50 on Monday, 10/17/11
  • He flies to NYC on Tuesday, 10/18/11 and returns home on Thursday, 10/20/11
  • He works from home that Friday (10/21/11)
  • We hear something during this week about the mortgage and get our pre-approval
  • He works from home the entire next week (10/24-10/28)
  • He's here with us for Halloween (Gus's first Halloween with Trick-or-Treating)
  • Steve goes to Atlanta on Tuesday, November 1st and is there by himself the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
  • Gus and I drive to Atlanta to see Steve on Friday, 11/4/11
  • We do some house-hunting on Saturday and Sunday (5th and 6th) and we find the one that we make an offer on   :)
  • Gus and I stay in Atlanta and do some sight-seeing, playdates with new friends, and maybe the Zoo and Aquarium. 
  • Saturday, November 12th, Steve rides home with me and Gus back to NC and leaves The Beast there
  • Steve is here with us through Thanksgiving (11/24/11)
  • While Steve is here in NC, we're able to get a closing date on the house in Georgia, and we can set a date with the movers to move us. 
  • Steve goes back to Atlanta (plane) on Monday, 11/26/11
  • We spend the week of the 28th apart (boo) but have a moving date near December 1st.
  • Steve flies back to NC on Friday, 12/2/11 and is here during the week of December 5th-9th and we have the movers load us and move us.
  • We are in our new house and settled by Sunday, December 11th.
Obviously that's my internal plan... who knows if it'll happen or not, but I figure it's somewhat do-able... right? I'd love to be all moved in, mostly unpacked, and decorated for Christmas by December 15th. We'll see. Then we can have my parents come down for their first visit between Christmas and New Years!

I made Gus's 18 month appointment... crazy that he's almost a year and a half. Where has the time gone???

Anyway... We had a mover come today and took at the house to give us our third estimate. We're hoping that because he physically came here, (instead of Steve filling out a questionnaire online), not only will he be more accurate, but also cheaper. When we get his estimate, Steve can submit it to World 50 and we can set up an account with the movers. The sooner we can get a date with the mover, the better. We just need to use our time really wisely when we visit in November. We need to make an offer so that we have time for closing. 

Tomorrow I've got Amie's baby shower. I totally want to sleep in and not have to get up for it... but it should be fun (I will know a few people). I'm excited to give her the gift I made for her. I took pictures of it tonight and I'll post tomorrow (not sure if she reads this, but if she does, I'd hate to ruin the surprise).

Look at what came in the mail today for Gus:
It's a card that you can hang! It's from his God Mother Jessica... it is our first Halloween decoration!! We'll be carving pumpkins tomorrow or Sunday!!

See you tomorrow.
Gus and Elphie have loved each other for so long...


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