Sunday, October 02, 2011

My Twin Brother Scott

Dave (middle) with me and Scott

So one of the things that I tell as an "interesting fact" about myself, is that I'm a twin. I judge how intelligent someone is by their follow-up question to me stating that I have a twin brother. If they ask, "Are you identical?" I assume they're an idiot. If they don't ask, I assume they know the difference between males and females and know that it's genetically impossible for a male and a female to be identical twins.

The one word that I've always used to describe Scott is UNIQUE. There's really nothing else that needs to be said because the word unique encompasses so much. He's one of the most intelligent people that I've ever met. I'm quite blessed in that department actually... my parents are both hella smart, and both of my brothers are crazy intelligent. My dad was a chemist and is now a computer guru... my mom knows everything there is to know about the Catholic church and the history of the Church, she has her Master's degree in Pastoral Ministry... my older brother Dave graduated from Loyola with high honors, is a former Marine, and works as a detective in Arizona. Scott graduated from Ferris State University with high honors and is a member of MENSA

So, not only am I surrounded by Steve's giganto brain and smarts, but it's all around me in my brothers and parents.

Scott has always danced to the beat of his own drum. He's never wanted to be "normal" or be identical to others. He relished in being different, even if it was totally uncool to be different. When we were in elementary school and middle school, I couldn't believe that we were related, much less twins. We were so VASTLY different. 

High school wasn't any better. He was into the "grunge" scene and donned Chuck Taylor's and flannel shirts daily, while I was busy being a cheerleader and trying to find my place in the pecking order of high school. Most people in high school didn't even know we were related, much less twins. It was weird.

Scott has one of the most unusual senses of humor that I've encountered. I used to pray that there was a girl out there just like him... and she was deemed "weird" by others and was looking for her soul mate. I hoped he'd find her and she'd love him and appreciate him and "get him" and not want him to change at all. My prayers were answered when he met Christie.

Scott has always known how to make me smile and laugh. He was so good at breaking rules as a kid and getting me to take the blame for things. He'll counter this if asked and say he did no such thing, but he did. I never wanted to disappoint my parents and would do ANYTHING to not have them mad at me... and it was like Scott got off on pissing them off. He enjoyed watching them get mad and would grin and smile if he got any kind of reaction from them.

At the same time, he was a gentle, sensitive soul. All the years of being picked on for being different and "weird" were painful and difficult to endure. I thank God that he never did anything crazy like taking his own life, but there were things that happened during his years of growth and development that could have easily drove him to that point. He was stronger than that, and God was constantly watching over him.

Through 35 years, Scott has gone through hell and back and has emerged victorious with a beautiful smile to light up the world. He's a man of high character, integrity, and his word is gold. He'd do anything for a friend, and is there to help anyone in need. 

He's always had a very soft spot for older people. I remember having a snack at the Kmart cafeteria and he would go and sit with older people that were dining alone... and he'd strike up conversations with them. He even invited some to our house for dinner. He was genuinely connected to them and enjoyed making their day brighter.

He was there to take care of both of my grandmothers when they were sick. He did things for my Grandma Burney that no grandson should ever have to do... and yet he did it, and reassured her that it was okay and not to be embarrassed by it. He helped my parents take care of their parents as they grew old and eventually passed on. He loved them with every ounce of his being, and has become the kind of man that they'd both be extremely proud of.

He's a father to Alex, and has stepped up to fill the role of dad for him. He disciplines with a firmness that's so identical to my father, it's kinda funny. The boy that laughed at my parents when they tried to punish him, is now using their same techniques to discipline his own kids. :)

He's a dad to Lily and Charlie and loves his two girls more than anyone ever thought possible. He's a tremendous partner to Christie and works his tail off to provide for them. They're blessed to have Scott in their lives, and his world has changed because of them being in his life.

Scott is a fabulous son and always stays in touch with my parents. He moved out of the house later in life, and I wondered what would happen to my parents when he left. He's managed to keep involved with them and have them over to his house often and goes to their house often. I'm thankful that he's there to keep them company since I live in NC and Dave is in AZ. I'd hate for them to be alone.

And then there's Scott as a brother. He's been there for me through some of the darkest days of my life. He didn't judge, he offered support and advice. He held me while I cried and felt like my world was crumbing, and at the time, it was. He gave Steve a fair shot when he met him for the first time, and has had a wonderful relationship with Steve since the day they met. He's the God Father to Gus and loves Gus tremendously. 

He's just an incredible, amazing person, and I'm so lucky to call him my brother. Here are some pictures of Scott through the years. Enjoy!



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