Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Day 278

October 5th, 2010

October 5th, 2011

We had a pretty good day today. I was able to get up and showered before Gus lost his mind (always a plus). We had breakfast and I watched 90210 from last night (so good). Then we headed over to Amie's for a playdate with her 2-1/2 year old son, Jackson.

We had a great time playing today! I wasn't sure if Jackson would like playing with Gus since he's a year younger, but they had a lot of fun together! Gus doesn't get to play with other boys very often, so it was interesting to see them being boys and playing with cars, trucks, and giggling when they made things crash.  :)

It was nice to catch up with Amie too. I won't get to talk much to her on Saturday at her shower, so it was nice to have all morning to laugh and catch up. She's due on Thanksgiving and they still don't know for sure that it's a girl. Her doctor said he can't be 100% sure yet. YIKES!!! She's got a TON of stuff for a girl and she's hoping that it's a girl, but she hasn't taken the tags off anything just in case (which I guess is smart). What I made her, goes with her girly themed nursery... so I hope it IS a girl!!

We left Amie's and came home and had lunch. We had left-overs that were delicious (it's rare that you'll find me admitting that anything leftover is edible much less delicious).

Gus went down for his nap and I was able to contact some realtors here in the area about representing us as a sellers agent. I talked to Liz's agent... his name is Stan. He sold their house in FIVE WEEKS. He was VERY eager to work with us and is working on things tonight and should get back to me tomorrow. I emailed him to set up the initial contact and he called within five minutes. I like that kind of turn-around.

The other lady that I emailed didn't email me back for three hours and then said she'd be calling and didn't call until we we having dinner. I emailed her and said we'd contact her if the other realtor didn't work out (but I have a good feeling about him).

We spent the remainder of the afternoon playing in the playroom and downstairs. Steve got home and we had pizza for dinner.

After Gus went to bed, I played on the computer looking at areas around Atlanta and homes. I came to the sad (VERY SAD) conclusion that our dream home may not be one with a pool. I feel like we can get more bang for our buck if we skip houses with a pool. Sure enough, as soon as I searched without a pool there were hundreds to choose from (instead of 15) and they were BEAUTIFUL. So we'll see.

It's so frustrating to look at houses and then see that the schools are rated less than 5/10 on Great Schools. Then there's a whole thing with Marietta-- we found AMAZING deals (houses WITH pools) but I don't know about the safety of the area. I emailed our realtor and told her to skip areas that she herself wouldn't want to live.

Hopefully we get more to choose from and we're able to find our home that we both fall in love with.

I hope we can at least find something that above ground pools are allowed... I could handle that.


Here are pictures from a year ago:


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