Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 292

October 19th, 2010

October 19th, 2011

What a weird night. Gus got up around 5:30 and I changed him and then put him back to bed. He didn't fall back asleep until around 6:30 or so and then he slept until 9:45!!! WOWZERS!!

We came downstairs and had breakfast and then around 11:30 Wendy and Ashley came over for a little bit. We gave Ashley her birthday presents and she seemed to like them :)  She was so good with Gus again today! She was having a Lunchable and not only did she share with Gus, but she gave him one of her two Oreos! She also shared some of her crackers and some ham! :)

We headed to Panera for lunch and there was a HUGE amount of people. When I ordered my food, the girl apologized for the lack of tables that were available. Fortunately, there was a man at a table with three chairs and he was about done. I politely asked him if I could have his table when he was done... he looked agitated and said, "I don't know how long I'll be here..." and I said, "It's okay, we're going to have to wait anyway, so we'll just wait for you... take your time." Then he looked and saw that I was with Gus and he offered me a seat as his table while he finished reading his paper and drinking his drink. 

Wendy and Ashley came over and he made room for them and quickly finished his business. We both thanked him for letting us sit and for giving us his table. Gus shared some mac-n-cheese with me and then I also had the broccoli cheddar soup. Gus had some yogurt too. I regret not getting chicken Cesar salad instead of the mac-n-cheese, but Gus ate some, so I can't complain.

After lunch, we walked over to Kid-to-Kid and I was able to get some cute stuff for Gus. Then we drove to Target, but Gus and I stayed in the car. I found out that my Amazon Prime membership has expired (BOOO HOOOO) and I will no longer get free 2-day shipping!!! It's $80 a year and I got it for free and refuse to pay $80... hmmmm. Maybe they'll give me more free credit for Christmas.

We got home and I put Gus down for a nap. I expected him to sleep for a few hours but it was only about an hour and a half that he actually slept.

Steve texted me this morning and sent these two pictures:
The view out his hotel window... it was ALL fog!

So incredibly handsome and ready for the summit!!

I've been thinking about him ALL DAY and cannot wait to hear from him tonight! He said it won't be until 11 or so. I just hope he had a good time and felt comfortable with the members and interacting with everyone. I know he was nervous about it, but knowing him, it was cake. He certainly looks amazing in his suit, and I'm so glad he got a new one and is more comfortable and confident in it than in the old one.

Gus got up from his nap and we went downstairs and played for a bit. We had left overs for dinner (AGAIN) and Gus had ham, cheese, a banana, and some yogurt. He also decided to put on the duck costume that I got him today (he loves costumes)!

He's so adorable!

Giving me a kiss

At 7:15 we came upstairs for tubby time and we listened to music while taking a bath. After a nice long soak, I put Gus to bed. It's taken about an hour and a half for him to wind down and actually fall asleep... 

I looked at his mouth today... holy moly!! So the two on top next to the front teeth (on both sides) are poking through and then it skips back and there are two more (one on each side) in the back coming in!! Weirdness... not sure about the bottom because he was not keen on letting me peer into his mouth!

Here's a picture from a year ago:
It's so strange... I remember taking this picture like it was yesterday!!!

Tomorrow afternoon Steve comes home!!! We've got nothing else planned for the day. Friday, Kristen and I are taking the kids to the fair and then the measuring guy is coming to figure out the ACTUAL square footage of the house. Please say a prayer that he finds more than we have down from the builder!!!



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