Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 294

October 21st, 2010

October 21st, 2011


Today was a LOOOOOOOOOOONG day! We got up and headed to Fuquay to pick up Kristen and Grace for the fair. 

While driving to the fair, Rick (our realtor in Atlanta) called and I decided to take it and talk to him while driving (I'm totally against this BTW but I keep missing his calls and our schedules never coordinate). I'm glad I was able to finally talk to him and he answered some of the questions that I had about houses on my list. I've learned that the dream house in spot #1 is not realistic, so it's off the list. However, after searching tonight, I have a new #1 house. Click HERE for the link! 

I'm a little confused by the house because on it said it was available (sale fell through) and then it took me to the Keller-Williams website where it's listed as well. But on the site, it shows that the house was sold in September. So I'm hoping that the KW and Zillow listings are correct in saying that the sale of the house fell through and that it's back on the market. It's my top pick.

Boss Hogg (what I call Rick since his last name is Hogg) sent us another house to view and it's a top contender as well. I'd need to see it to decide. Here's a LINK to the one from today. Rick said that this weekend he's going to go and check out the houses on our list and get more info for us. We'll be there in two weeks to check everything out. I'm hoping that my top pick is still for sale in two weeks.

The fair was... interesting. It was PACKED today as the day progressed. It's the last Friday of the fair and I think a bunch of people took a 1/2 day and came at lunch... I am glad I went, but I don't have any desire to go again (good thing since we're moving). I just don't see the point... other than the food, but even that was disappointing to me.

Here are my pictures:

Using John Deere engines to churn handmade ice cream! Genius!


One of the many deep-fried booths


GIANT turkey legs...

People and food

My lack-luster lunch of a Philly Cheese Steak. I was going to get a hot dog, but decided to splurge with the PCS... I should have had the hot dog.

The famous Krispy Kreme Burger. It's a burger with Swiss cheese, and the buns are KK donuts and then the whole thing is deep fried. Adri was so excited to get to the fair and try one... I'm eager to see her pictures and hear her thoughts!

The rides

Ostrich burgers

Gus loved the roosters in the FFA children's barn

View of the fair from the entrance that we came through

Best Friends

My very good friend Suzanne was the technology teacher at Oak Grove. I LOVED her. She was wonderful to work with and then she moved to another school and recently retired. She has always loved butterflies and since retirement, she's launched her passion into a business of exposing people to butterflies. She's called "Suzanne the Butterfly Lady" and she was at the fair this year. I was so excited to go and see her and to introduce her to Gus. It was GREAT to see her and catch up!!!

Kristen with a butterfly

View from where we had lunch

Where I got my PCS from

Grace shared 1/2 her peanut butter sandwich with Gus for lunch... he loved it!!

They had a free petting zoo... with a huge variety of animals to see!

 Before I share the pictures, let me say how very challenging it was to take Gus into this exhibit. He was VERY squirmy... wouldn't stand in the line with me, kept trying to run away, and when I was trying to hold his hand, he was putting his whole weight into falling onto the ground. I'd pick him up to hold him and he was kicking and fighting to get down. It was beyond frustrating. 

He did this the ENTIRE time we were walking through the petting zoo. He was climbing on the fence and actually trying to get INTO the pen with the animals. The whole time, I was trying to take pictures AND deal with him. It was a nightmare.
Giant tortoises

Come on... you knew I'd HAVE to take a picture of this!!!!  ;)

Grace feeding the goats

Gus got to pet a baby camel!

We got out of the fair and headed home and I dropped Kristen off around 2:30. Gus took a 30 minute nap in the car and that's ALL he took for the entire day. It made for a VERY LONG NIGHT.

I made pan-fried patty melts and they sounded so good, but tasted gross. I hate that.

On a positive, my Mailbox mystery box of Pre-K/K books came today!! For $30 I got a box filled with $160 worth of books!! Here's what I got:
Obviously, I don't need these right now, but in a few months I can start using them with Gus. 

Starting when we move to Atlanta, he's going to start doing chores. He's already started feeding the dogs and he's so proud to help. I think he'll be able to start helping with dinner/meals too. He likes to help clean up, so that's something he can do.

Okay... I'm tired and ready for bed. See you tomorrow!!


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