Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 319

November 15th, 2010

November 15th, 2011

What a busy day!!

This morning we got up and had breakfast and played downstairs for a bit before it was time to go to The Little Gym. While we were gone, another mover came to give us an estimate- I'm glad I wasn't here.

Gus had a GREAT day at the gym! Each week, I find myself marveling at another amazing thing that he's able to overcome or accomplish. Today's task might not seem like a big deal, but I feel that it's awesome. 

Each week, there's a welcome gathering and everyone sits in a circle. Miss Ally is our teacher and she leads the gathering and everyone says their name and their child/children's name(s) and then the kids are asked to come up and give her a high-five or hug.

Well, ever since we started going, Gus will not go near her. He likes her, but when she asks for a high-five or hug, he doesn't do it. Today, when she asked the boy before him for a high-five or hug, Gus ran over and gave her a high-five. Then when it was his turn, he ran back over to her and did it again. It was so AWESOME!!!

He also did an awesome job doing the flip over the low bars (he was scared) and then the Skill of the Week was AWESOME this week!! They leaned against the donut... and then laid on it like Superman and it rolled to the mat and they did a forward roll off the donut. It was so cool and Gus loved it!! Here are pictures from today:

This week we worked on "Over, Under, Through, and Around"

Through the tunnel

Over the mat

Under the bars

Into the donut (on its side)

Ready to jump in!

On the beam

Hanging on the low bar and then being flipped upside down!!


He pulled himself into an upright/belly-level position!

Back through the diamond tunnel

The Skill of the Week: On his belly on the donut

Riding over to the mat

Forward roll off the donut!!

Gus running around having fun

Playing with the balls

We came home and had lunch and then it was time for a nap.

Gus slept for about three hours (YAY) and then once he was up, I traced his hand and made a turkey out of it. Then we went into the playroom and he colored the turkeys and we played with his blocks, shapes, cars, kitchen, books, and listened to music.
Coloring his turkeys that we'll be sending as post cards to family tomorrow!

He's a lefty!

Counting, stacking, and playing with the geometric shapes

I assume this is a great fine-motor activity!

Playing with his puzzles

Time for the blocks!

He likes to dump them all out and then crash through them!

The tower that I built while he was reading :-)

He LOVED the race cars... we played with this for like 20 minutes!

Sitting in his chair reading

We headed downstairs for a snack and played a bit more before dinner. We had left overs for dinner (BORING)...
Trying to give me a kiss  :-)

I tutored tonight and had fun with Gulbike. The dogs are back and as crazy as it sounds, I MISSED THEM!!! Our house was too quiet without them!! I think Gus was most excited to see Elphie and kept running over to her and was super excited to see her. It was super cute to see him reunited with his pooch.

Earlier today I was talking to Kristen... and she said something that SHOCKED me. I mean I seriously said, "No way..." She said, "Three weeks from tomorrow you're moving." I couldn't believe it-- I had to look at the calendar. Sure enough, she was right. I can't believe that it's happening so quickly now.  :(

We're still waiting on the appraisal, and Steve said that won't come until Friday or Monday. I'm praying that it comes back okay-- and we're all set on the house. Otherwise, if it's not good news, we will have to go back to negotiations and ask the sellers to drop their price. If they refuse-- no house for us. So, it's still not a done deal yet... 

Steve flies to Atlanta tomorrow and won't be back until after midnight on Thursday (technically it's Friday). He's got his World 50 Thanksgiving party on Thursday... should be fun. 

Gus and I will miss him. We're going to try to stay as busy as possible. We have a play date with Kelly tomorrow morning and we're excited to go to her house and play. Then tomorrow afternoon, we're heading over to Kristen's to play in the leaves in her backyard! I think I'll use my free pizza coupon from Papa Johns tomorrow for dinner.

We don't have any plans on Thursday... could make for a REALLY long day.

Today I cleaned out my closet (not the shoes though). I don't have everything bagged yet, but I already have nine bags and I'm not even 1/2 way done bagging. I should specify that Steve and I are using grocery bags for bagging... not garbage bags (just so you don't think I've got that many clothes). I think we'll probably go through our winter coats too before we move.

I do need to go through my shoes, but that'll have to wait until this weekend when Steve's home. Then we'll take all our stuff to good will.

I'm tired... heading to bed. Be sure to check out the You Tube page for new videos that I've uploaded!!

A year ago- Gus wasn't able to crawl yet... and wasn't able to sit up unassisted yet either!

He started crawling on November 30th, 2010!

My SIL posted pictures of my baby niece (she's a year and two days younger than Gus) trying to stand up on her own!! She JUST turned six months!!!


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That capybara on his shirt looks like it is popping out at me! Have fun with your shoe purge ;p How funny that you are purging winter stuff. We have almost no cold weather gear anymore.

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