Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 320

November 16th, 2010

November 16th, 2011

Today was a great day. Gus woke up around 4ish and that stunk, but he went back to sleep and didn't get up until 9:30!! He got a GREAT night's sleep!!

We had a quick breakfast and then headed over to my friend Kelly's place. I met Kelly at The Little Gym... she has two boys, Andrew "Drew" who is in Gus's class at TLG and then a kindergartner named Ryan. It was so fun to play at their house and Gus had a great time.

We headed home for lunch and a nap and Gus slept from 12:30-3:45. I love nice long naps!!

Once Gus was up, he and I headed over to Kristen's to play in her leaf pile. Gus hasn't played in leaves yet this year, so I was super excited to experience this with him. I took my camera and got some really great pictures of him and Grace enjoying the warm weather and frolicking in the leaves!

You can't beat 79 degrees in the middle of November! By the time we got to Kristen's, it was cooler, but still warm. There was a nice breeze and it really was perfect weather to be outside. 

We played outside until it was dark and then headed in for a bit. We stayed until a little past 6 and then headed home for some dinner and bedtime.

I was quite proud of Gus today. Usually, when we go to Kristen's, if Grace takes his snack cup or water, he just lets it go and doesn't care too much. He's always been VERY passive. Almost to where I was worried that he'd be a door-mat. However, today he decided not to take any BS from her. When she tried to take his snack cup, he held on firmly and didn't let go. This of course, totally pissed her off, and made her cry (which then made him cry because she was crying). However, I was very proud of him for standing his ground on it.

Looks like he's not a push-over anymore!! He's still very laid-back and a sweet, gentle soul, but I'm happy that he's not going to let himself be taken advantage of. At least not as a toddler. LOL

Tomorrow we have our 18 month appointment. I'm eager to see what the doctor says about Gus's growth and development. I know he's gained weight because I can feel it. He was 23.2 pounds back on July 29th... I'm guessing that he's at least 26 pounds... maybe even 28. Heck, he could be 30 for all I know. And I am pretty certain that he's gotten taller too... on July 29th he was 32 inches (just shy of three feet tall). I'm going to predict that he's 35 inches tomorrow. His head was 18.23 inches... and I have no idea what it'll be tomorrow. Maybe 19 inches?

He's going to get a few shots tomorrow too. We're still on a delayed/alternative schedule, but there are some that I want him to have tomorrow. I'll talk with the pediatrician and see what he thinks as well. Be sure to read Gus's blog tomorrow to hear more details about his appointment.

See you tomorrow! Here are a few pics from a year ago... my mom and dad had just arrived from MI. It makes me sad that I won't be spending Thanksgiving with them this year, but I'm eagerly counting down to Christmas so I can see them soon after!!


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