Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #82

A Year of Gratitude #82: Other Bloggers

I'm so grateful that there are other people who are bloggers like me. I enjoy finding a new blog to follow, and have found myself following some really awesome people. 

I have a few favorites that I LOVE to read. My first favorite that I check first when looking for updates, is my SIL Heather's blog. I love reading about what she, my brother, and niece and nephews are up to. They're in Arizona and I don't get to see them hardly at all... so the blog is what I use to see them each day/week. 

I also love reading my friend Adri's blog. She used to blog all the time, and then Dax arrived and she's been a little preoccupied. When she does blog, I love reading her words and she has been instrumental in helping me learn and grow as an adoptive mom dealing with unexplained infertility.

Another favorite is a nameless friend who recently adopted. She had been documenting her journey to finding their baby through adoption. Now that they've adopted, she posted that she's not going to blog anymore... and it makes me sad. I feel like I've gotten so attached to her (no... I don't know her in real life), that I want to keep hearing about her life. I know sometimes people think it's stupid to blog about the boring day-to-day stuff, but to me, that's the stuff that makes life so rich and interesting. What's boring to one, is incredible to another. I hope she considers keeping up her blog... or starting a new one with posts about being a new mom.

I have some friends who USED to blog but don't anymore. When they do blog, I love it, but it's been MONTHS since some of them have post anything, so I've given up hope.

Then I have a whole slew of blogs that I follow that are adoption related. Either fellow adoptive parents, or birth moms, and I even have a birth father's blog that I follow and love.

I'm thankful that there are others who like to share their story with strangers. They don't all use real names, some use initials or nicknames for their posts. 

Just this week, one of the bloggers that I follow, posted a blog about hopeful adoptive couples. She posted our story and I'm so thankful that she shared our profile, and our family with her readers. You can see the post at Letters to You. Her blog is honest, heart-felt, and beautiful.

I feel like I grow more and more as a person, as an adoptive mom, and as a writer by reading what my favorite bloggers write. I'm thankful for each one of them for taking the time to post to their blogs, and for not being afraid to share their views, pictures, and lives with sometimes total strangers.


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Catching up on your blog tonight. I saw your posting on letters to you! I'm so excited for your family! Gus will make a fantastic older brother.

You are too sweet! I promise to keep in touch some how after we finalize.

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